UAE to host the COP28 climate conference in 2023

The 28th UN climate change conference of the parties or COP28 will be hosted at the Dubai Expo city under the directive of UAE president His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The government underlines that Expo city is an outstanding destination which bought the world together for about six months. Both COP28 and Expo 2020 share similar objectives, achieving sustainability and promoting necessary steps to overcome global challenges.

Earlier, it was revealed that Dubai Expo city 2020 is ready to reopen to thousands of businesses and residents, with different county pavilions and a new museum ready to open on October 1st. Now, expo city will host the 28th UN climate change conference of the parties where world leaders will join from 6th to 17th November 2023. As per the WAM news agency reports, COP28 find solutions to the global threats due to climate change and related factors.

What is COP28?

COP28 focuses on the implementation of climate commitments, pledges and inclusions. Working together as a team to take actions and identify the solutions that contribute to the upcoming challenges. Furthermore, find opportunities to develop a sustainable future for the present and future generations.

The conference is expected have around 45,000 participants including state heads, government officials, international industry leaders, private sector representatives, representatives of civil society, and academic experts.

The venue ‘Dubai Expo city’ builds on the message ‘connecting minds and creating the future.’ The venue shows commitment to its sustainability, opportunity, and mobility, also showcasing its sustainable infrastructure.

COP28 to host young people in the event

In efforts to speak up youth on climate vulnerable countries, COP28 plans the ‘International Youth Climate Delegate Program’ at the event held at Dubai Expo city.

The program gives an opportunity for 100 young people from least developed countries and small islands to participate in the event.
The higher officials mentioned that program will work closely with youth arm. They will be given training, resources, and opportunity to advocate on the behalf of their countries or communities.

UAE’s track record in hosting international events

UAE has a proven track record in climate action and multilateral cooperation. Moreover, UAE is the permanent host for IRENA or international renewable energy agency. It’s the first county to sign and ratify Paris Agreement.
Additionally, UAE established itself as the top destination to host high-level international events that focus on climate change and sustainable development.

UAE is a regional leader in renewable and clean energy investments. The country invested US $50 billion in clean energy and announced its plans to invest more than US $ 50 billion in new projects including ammonia and hydrogen.
The UAE focuses on effective and innovative climate action building new and low-emission economic growth model with utmost sustainability. It will create more employment opportunities in new sectors.

Winding up

COP28 aims at seeking maximum progress since the Paris agreement. The conference will witness a crucial stocktaking moment for climate action under the agreement. Additionally, it defines the future of nationally determined contributions.
Being the host of COP28, UAE is committed to work close with the host government to speed up the progress in climate action and adapting to the consequences of climate change.

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