Healthcare Free Zone in Dubai

Dubai has always been a golden spot for every investor in any business sector. Free zones in the UAE have several advantages including tax exemptions and more. Each freezone is dedicated to a particular industry. Dubai healthcare city or DHCC was inaugurated in the year 2002. It has the best in class businesses from consultancies to hospitality and retail outlets. DHCC is the home for more than hundred medical facilities and 3000 plus healthcare professionals.
DHCC is located in the heart of the city, it consists of wellness centers, hospitals, medical institutes, and many other facilities. Not just hotels, but DHCC plans mixed development targeting luxury hotels, apartments, and quality healthcare. Furthermore, it promotes healthcare educational organizations. DHCC is recognized worldwide as a global medical tourism hub.
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How to start a company in Dubai Healthcare city?

The business setup process in DHCC is straightforward. Flybiz business setup consultants make it hassle-free with quick company formation.

DHCC supports a wide range of businesses including,

  • Healthcare management
  • Healthcare support
  • Publishing
  • Healthcare consultancy
  • Clinical inpatient
  • Research and development,
  • Educational service provider,
  • Executive research and more

Based on the business activity, you must select the corporate structure. The two different types of corporate structure include,

There are three types of licenses available in DHCC that includes,

  • Commercial license has to be renewed on yearly basis
  • Facility license has to be renewed every two years
  • Individual licenses for nurses and doctors have to be renewed every two years.
After deciding the license, you should find a trade name for it. It has to be unique and not similar to any of the established company names in Dubai. After selecting the name, register it with the DHCC authority.

We help you go through all these processes and ensure quick business setup. We handle the following steps,

  • Submitting application form
  • Getting approval from concerned authority
  • Submit all the legal documents and pay required fees
  • Issue e-agreement
  • Sign e-agreement
  • Share the capital letter FZCO
  • Issue e-license

Advantages of setting up your company in DHCC freezone Dubai

DHCC promises highly organized healthcare and wellness centers becoming a hub for health related businesses.

Some of the company setup benefits include,

Facilities available at DHCC

The free zone provides a lot of business facilities including,

  • Clinical spaces
  • Leasing solutions
  • Retail spaces
  • Business center
  • Executive office
  • Executive desk

Business activities permitted in DHCC free zone

DHCC allows various business activities under two categories such as, clinical and non-clinical activities.

Clinical category includes,

  • Inpatient and outpatient hospitals
  • Pharmacy
  • Diagnostic and non-diagnostic medical labs
  • Patient escort services

Non-clinical category includes,

  • Event management
  • Hotels
  • Consultancy
  • Educational services
  • Food and beverages

Why choose Flybiz business setup consultants?

Investors who wish to excel in the healthcare industry or any other sectors consider the DHCC free zone. Here, the company formation process is straightforward but connecting with a professional company setup firm will speed up the whole process. Moreover, you get a thorough knowledge of the local market. Investors can approach Flybiz, we serve as the leading business setup service providers in Dubai, UAE.

Over the years, we have built a qualified team of consultants and legal advisors who ensure quick business setup. We easily handle the challenges of immigration laws and UAE laws. With bespoke services, we assure effortless company setup experience in Dubai.


Do you need a local partner to start a company in DHCC?

Business owners have complete ownership in free zones. Therefore, you don’t need a local partner to start your business in DHCC.

Will you provide license renewal services?

The renewal process in DHCC is highly cost-effective. We handle the renewal process where you have to pay the renewal fee and submit the signed lease agreement of your company. Additionally, you have to submit the audit report on an annual basis.

Can DHCC Free Zone Company operate on the mainland?

No, free zone companies are not allowed to do business on the mainland. Most trading companies are restricted from doing business on the mainland. Yet, professional activities are given consideration.

What is the time required to get your license in DHCC?

It takes around 5 to 6 days to get your license in the DHCC free zone.