PRO services in Dubai, UAE

Flybiz PRO Services in Dubai support your business setup with necessary legal services. PRO or public relations officer is a government liaison who processes the government documents, legal papers, and related documentation works associated with company setup in Dubai or UAE. They work on a wide range of services. Some services are related to employees whereas other services are related to company setup and its operations. Business owners go through various legal procedures with DED to start their company in the UAE. Flybiz business setup consultants speed up the process with high standard PRO services.

We guide our clients with various public relation services, business services, visa services, and other government related procedures. Our dedicated teams help you from the scratch and continue at every stage of your company formation. We work closely with the government officials and ministries to speed up the PRO activities.

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Why do new businesses need effective PRO services?

A foreign employee requires a valid work permit and resident visa to continue their work in any company. Moreover, these documents are essential to get your Emirates ID, bank account opening, and more non-business tasks.

Therefore, PRO Services in Dubai are essential for the smooth functioning of your business in UAE. Here, PRO agencies can help you achieve this visa and work permit within a limited span of time.

Individuals or companies approach business setup consultants to speed up their PRO tasks. As you know, the legal formalities for company formation are quite complex and require a lot of time. Business owners can assign these tasks to well-established external PRO agencies like Flybiz. We sort out your legal requirements and make it fast. We ensure smooth setup and effective management throughout the fundamental legal issues.

Flybiz Public relations services in Dubai

Our expert consultants hold great expertise in fulfilling your PRO services. We ensure great value to our clients by liaising with the related government authorities. Our services include assisting in paper works, submitting relevant forms, getting necessary approvals, DED services, and more.

Our Value added services include,

  • Ejari application
  • License renewal
  • Visa renewal
  • Visa processing
  • Notary attestation
  • Trade license application
  • Arabic translation
  • Trademark registration
  • NOCs and government approvals
  • Immigration card and labour card processing tasks

How Flybiz will assist you in PRO services?

Our team ensures hassle-free completion of PRO tasks. We support your legal services where you can focus on core business and improve profitability.

Why Flybiz?

Our team ensures hassle-free completion of PRO tasks. We support your legal services where you can focus on core business and improve profitability.
We have the right blend of knowledge and expertise in business setup and related services. We have a cordial relationship with top government authorities and officials. Being associated with more than hundreds of companies in UAE, we ensure reliable PRO services.
Whatever may be your business size or sector, we handle the concerned PR tasks. Our team supports small, medium, or large enterprise to sort out their PRO requirements. Here, we adopt a personalized approach towards client needs.
We are experts in Arabic language while dealing with PRO services. Foreign investors or individuals may find it difficult to manage the legal aspects. We have a full-fledged team to communicate well and track the legal services.

Company formation involves multiple legal procedures and approvals from various government authorities. We effectively coordinate with ministries and officials for quick license issuance.

Flybiz business setup consultants ensure end to end PRO services in UAE. We have an expert panel with extensive knowledge in legal procedures and government rules. Moreover, we deliver professional services assisting company formation, license, and other legal services. Initially, we recognize the requirements and understand the nature of your business. We serve as the best PRO agency in UAE that comply with the legal regulations.

Any queries on legal or business setup formalities, reach out to our expert PRO consultants!


What types of companies can we start in UAE?

In UAE, we can start businesses in mainland, offshore, and freezone. In mainland, you need a local service agent to start your business. Similarly, you need license from the respective authority to start a company in the freezone. Also, you can start offshore business but you have to trade outside UAE.

What is the time required to setup a business in Dubai?

With Flybiz business setup consultants, company setup can be accomplished within a week’s time. However, you have to share the right documents. Similarly, company setup in freezone can take around 3 to 10 business days.

What are the different trade licenses available in Dubai?

Dubai provides four types of business licenses such as,
  • Commercial license
  • Industrial license
  • Professional license
  • Tourism license

Mention the documents required for renewing the business?

In order to apply for the trade license renewal, entrepreneurs should provide a certificate of authenticity from real estate regulatory agency and a new MoA with essential modifications.

Will you support in opening a bank account?

Yes, we help you open the bank account in local banks and enjoy numerous banking facilities.