Transform Your Business Landscape in UAE with Mainland Setup

Are you thinking of a Mainland Business Setup in UAE? The first step is to analyse the UAE market and find the best jurisdiction to start your business.

Discover endless trading opportunities within the UAE and beyond through a mainland company setup, authorized by Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (DED). However, establishing such a business involves navigating complex legal requirements. Flybiz steps in as your reliable guide, managing legalities, documentation, and permissions. Our comprehensive support covers mainland company registration, trade licenses, visas, and PRO services. With industry veterans providing expert guidance, Flybiz ensures a seamless journey from aspiration to accomplishment in Dubai’s bustling business landscape. Focus on your vision while we handle the intricacies, making your Dubai business setup efficient and successful.

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Why should you choose mainland company formation in Dubai?

Mainland Business Setup in UAE has a lot of benefits providing a prosperous future for your business. This jurisdiction has a broad scope for trade with location flexibility and complete ownership.

Some of the reasons why entrepreneurs establish their business in mainland,

No trade restrictions
The companies are free from trade restrictions and they can access any location. The companies directly trade with UAE consumers or extend their services to the government. While opening a business in mainland, you can build a strong presence by opening multiple branches.
Scope of work
The businesses have a wide scope of work. If you would like to diversify the offering, just re-register the business activity with DED and trade freely.
Access to government contracts
Government tenders pave way for big business in UAE. If you’re an established mainland company, you get access to lucrative government contracts.
You get 100% ownership when establishing your company in the free zone or when you start a professional service company in the mainland. 100% ownership means you don’t have to approach Emirati Company or individuals to act as a partner. But, few sectors like oil & gas, require a local partner.

Where to start your mainland company setup in UAE?

According to the commercial companies laws, the companies are segregated for better growth. If you’re looking for a Mainland Business Setup in UAE, there are different choices. Find out the different mainland zones and make the best choice for your business.

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Dubai mainland

Dubai offers a supportive environment for entrepreneurs. Business setup in Dubai allows businesses to trade within the local markets or even takes your business internationally. In order to start a company in the mainland, you must register in the Department of economic development in Dubai. Flybiz business setup consultants guide you throughout the process providing comprehensive support. If you’re planning for a quick company formation in Dubai mainland, we provide effective solutions within your budget.

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Abu Dhabi mainland

Abu Dhabi has turned into a fastest growing economy in the world. With continuous advancement, the city turned into an ideal business location. In order to start your company, you have to register the business under Abu Dhabi department of economic development or ADDED. Flybiz supports your venture offering affordable business setup solutions in Abu Dhabi. We guide you throughout the company incorporation process.

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Sharjah mainland

Sharjah is booming as an industrial emirate in UAE. The city is an ideal choice for service-oriented and industrial sectors. The strategic location brings in more business acting as a major trading zone. Sharjah remains cost-effective supporting marine and shipping sectors. Here, company formation has least procedures and so, we make it easy for you. We guide entrepreneurs to start their company in Sharjah mainland.

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Ajman mainland

Ajman is a booming spot for local and overseas entrepreneurs. The city has several exciting business opportunities for enhanced growth. We support start-ups, SMEs and large enterprises with business setup solutions. The company formation process is quite easy and economical in Ajman, UAE. Therefore, we provide necessary guidance for business setup and make it affordable. Moreover, we provide global exposure for your initiative.

What are the mainland licenses available in Dubai?

The mainland requires a trade license to conduct your business. The license notifies that you operate as a reputable firm adhering to the local laws and regulations. In order to ensure smooth and long term operation, you have to acquire the most apt trade license. License depends on the type of business activity, jurisdiction, and company structure. Our company formation experts help you select the most suitable mainland license to operate your business. Get your industrial, professional or commercial licenses at affordable prices!
Department of economic development provides the professional license for entrepreneurs who wish to start their professional services.
Professional license is suitable to individuals or companies that provide services in a specific profession. In order to issue this license, the applicant should exhibit their professional skills.
The company structure that can be formed with professional license include,
LLC or limited liability Company where local sponsor holds 51% share,
Civil or sole establishment where investors have 100% share, but we need a UAE national as a local service agent or LSA to complete the legal formalities.

In order to buy or sell good s and commodities or to run any kind of trade activities, we need a commercial trade license for the same.

The commercial license allows you to form LLC or sole establishment companies. Moreover, it can be used for specialized or general trading activities.

UAE has different types of commercial license. Therefore, apply for the right permit that carries out your activities.

Industrial license is apt for manufacturing or industrial activities. This trade license allows you to engage in activities such as converting raw materials or using natural resources for your end products. DED issues the license but you need some approvals from the Ministry of finance, and other authorities based on your industrial activity.

What are the steps in setting up a Company on the Dubai Mainland?

Before starting a business, you must follow the legal requirements,
  • Choose your business category – it can be commercial, professional, or industrial.

  • Select your business activity

  • Select a legal structure for your business entity

  • Find a unique trade name for your business

What are the steps in setting up a Company on the Dubai Mainland?

Mainland company setup requires deep understanding of laws and regulations. We are experts in company formation process. While working with us, we take out your stress in forming both local and overseas business. We understand your business goals and collaborate to find the best solutions. With Flybiz, start a successful company in the UAE mainland!


What types of companies can we start in UAE?

In UAE, we can start businesses in mainland, offshore, and freezone. In mainland, you need a local service agent to start your business. Similarly, you need license from the respective authority to start a company in the freezone. Also, you can start offshore business but you have to trade outside UAE.

What is the time required to setup a business in Dubai?

With Flybiz business setup consultants, company setup can be accomplished within a week’s time. However, you have to share the right documents. Similarly, company setup in freezone can take around 3 to 10 business days.

What are the different trade licenses available in Dubai?

Dubai provides four types of business licenses such as,
  • Commercial license
  • Industrial license
  • Professional license
  • Tourism license

Mention the documents required for renewing the business?

In order to apply for the trade license renewal, entrepreneurs should provide a certificate of authenticity from real estate regulatory agency and a new MoA with essential modifications.

Will you support in opening a bank account?

Yes, we help you open the bank account in local banks and enjoy numerous banking facilities.