UAE resident visa requirements in 2023

Guide to UAE resident visa requirements in 2023

Dubai is the most sought-after haven for tourists and residents. The country is well-known for its high standard of living and work life. When you look for job opportunities or launch a company, Dubai is a secure place to raise your family.

UAE continues to attract more residents because of its mind-blowing infrastructure and weather. Moreover, the Emirates hosts malls, restaurants, and several nightlife spots. Thus, having a UAE residency visa allows you to enjoy the most sophisticated lifestyle.

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Here, we provide a complete overview of the regular updates and visa rules in the UAE.

Types of UAE resident visas – an overview

The resident visa depends on the purpose of staying in Dubai. At present, UAE offers different types of residence visas.

The visa types include,

a) UAE investment visa

It’s also known as a long-term residency visa. The investment visa is peculiarly designed for foreigners who wish to make a serious investment in the country. The visa is valid for ten years and you don’t need a sponsor.

b) UAE family visa

The family members of UAE citizens or international residents can live in the country. If you’re a male meeting the salary requirements, you can sponsor your wives, children, parents, and stepchildren. Also, a woman can sponsor their children and husband.

c) UAE work visa

The work visa supports foreigners who work in the country with a work permit. The least age for employment is 18 and it’s divided into three categories.

1st category – for individuals with at least a bachelor’s degree.

2nd category – for individuals with a post-secondary diploma

3rd category – individuals with a high-school diploma.

d) UAE retirement visa

This visa supports elderly people who wish to spend their retirement life in the UAE.

e) UAE student visa

The student visa is eligible for foreign individuals who got admission into a UAE educational institution.

UAE resident visa requirements in 2023

Visa application form obtained from online or relevant typing center

a) Original passport

b) 2 passport-size photos

c) Entry visa

d) Sponsor’s legal residency proof or UAE citizenship proof

e) Medical fitness results

f) UAE health insurance plan

g) For family visas, submit documents related to the applicant like a birth certificate or marriage certificate.

h) For a work visa, submit a work contract, a company’s valid trade license, and a firm card.

Based on the purpose of the travel, you have to submit extra documents. Moreover, all foreigners should undergo a medical fitness test before to prove their fitness.

How to apply for a UAE resident visa?

Your sponsor should get an entry permit from one of the following places,

a) Federal authority for citizenship and identity, through the ICA Chanel portal

b) The GDRFA or General Directory of Residency and foreign affairs, you can do it either online or in person. To apply for a resident visa, go to any one of the licensed typing centers of GDRFA in each emirate. On the other hand, you can approach Amer centers in Dubai.

c) Use GDRFA mobile app for Android and Apple.

d) While processing the application, you should pay the resident visa fees based on the visa validity. Once you get the approval, the authority will tack the visa on your passport. Finally, you get an Emirates ID valid for the visa duration.

e) Use smart ways to submit your residence visa application,

The GDRFA launched a video conferencing service to complete residence visa applications. From January 11, 2023, the applicants can submit the documents online and complete the process digitally. Furthermore, customers can follow up with video calls and send inquiries through the chat box. But in rare cases, the applicant should visit the administration by an appointment.

UAE residence visa updates in 2023

The UAE government follows frequent updates and reforms to visa policies. The Federal Authority for Identity, citizenship, or Port Security (ICP) implements these reforms. At present, the authority has increased the cost of a tourist visa by AED 100 and a visit visa from AED 270 to AED 370.

Changes to UAE green visa or 5-year visa

The government has made some significant improvements in attracting freelancers, skilled people, investors, and entrepreneurs with new residency options. The visa requirements are simplified making it more flexible.

For skilled workers

Without a sponsor or employer, skilled workers get a five-year residency period.

The eligibility criteria,

a) Valid employment contract

b) Should come under the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd occupational level as per the Ministry of HR and Emiratisation.

c) Minimum salary of AED 15,000

d) Bachelor’s degree or equivalent educational level.

The professionals under the third occupational level are eligible for a 90-days grace period after the expiry of a 5-year green visa.

Freelancers and self-employed individuals

As per the new green visa, freelancers and self-employed people get a five-year residency in UAE. They don’t need a local sponsor or employer.

The eligibility includes,

a) Self-employment or freelance permit from the Ministry of HR and Emiratization.

b) Bachelor’s degree or specialized diploma

c) Two years’ annual income of AED 360,000 or capable to demonstrate financial stability.

Investors and Partners

The green visa is specifically designed to motivate investors involved in commercial activities.

The requirements are,

a) investment approval and investment proof

b) Total invested capital with multiple licenses

c) Compulsory approval from local authorities.

Children of Emirati mothers

The UAE extended the validity of a resident visa from 3 to 5 years for the children of an Emirati mother and a foreign father. It’s a progressive movement granting equal rights to these children as other citizens.

What is a re-entry permit in UAE?

The residents of UAE who have been staying outside the country for more than 6 months can return with a re-entry permit. As per the travel and typing center agents in Dubai, the re-entry permit allows Emirates to return within 30 days of permit approval.

With re-entry permit, residents can stay outside the country for six months without canceling the residency. But the applicants should provide a valid reason and proof for the same.

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