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A complete guide to obtain investor visa in Dubai

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Dubai is a magical word among investors. Who doesn’t wish to live in this city? Everybody, at least once between cradle to grave, we wish to witness this huge destination. The magnificent buildings, tourist spots, and above all high standard of living. What more do you expect? Dubai is undoubtedly a haven for visitors.

When it comes to the economy, Dubai welcomes and fosters entrepreneurs with creative ideas. The thriving economy and favorable business environment are a boon for investors. Over the past decades, UAE has become a pioneer in relocating skilled people with Dubai investor visas. Since entrepreneurs explore new markets, the UAE government updates its visa policies. By introducing new allowances, the country improves its economic and social development.

Dubai investor visas encourage investors to achieve a favorable business environment. Moreover, they secure their families for the future.

What is a Dubai investor visa?

Dubai investor visa allows individuals to work and live in the city as an investor. To achieve an investor visa, the individual should make a notable financial investment in any real estate or business in Dubai. The exact requirements vary according to the investment type.

An investor visa is ideal for foreigners who wish to start a business. They can also invest in an existing firm. The visa holders work and live as well as sponsor their family members.

According to the latest reports, Dubai introduces a few policies to simplify the licensing process. So, it’s easy to get the license. Moreover, the government take efforts to decrease the processing time and various legislative formalities.

The investor visa is valid for a minimum of 3 years. But, you can apply it for a maximum of 10 years. During the visa period, you can stay or travel at any time. The visa holders are eligible to apply for Emirates ID cards, bank accounts, driver’s licenses, and mobile services.

Dubai investor visa – types explained

Investor visa depends on the type of investment you make in the country.

The different types include,

Residential property investment

Investment by residency is popular in Dubai. To get an investor visa, you should invest in a property worth AED 1 million or above. You should give the 50% of the property value under a mortgage. If it’s a shared investment, each individual should hold a share of AED 1 million. Furthermore, you should invest in a single residential property rather than choosing a commercial property. In this type, the visa validity varies from 3 to 5 years.

Business setup or company investment

The DED or Department of economic development offers more than 2000 business licenses to start a company. You can set up a company in the Freezone or mainland to get an investor visa. The business owner should invest a minimum of AED 72,000 or above as a capital investment. If you start a company in the Freezone, it’s not necessary to hire a local sponsor. Additionally, you’re free from taxation. The visa application varies based on the business nature and location.

Long-term residence

Long-term residence is available if you invest a minimum of AED 10 million. You can invest the amount in a company or start a business in the same amount. additionally, the individual should meet all the criteria mentioned by foreign affairs authorities. Individuals who invest a minimum of AED 5 million get a 5-year investor visa. Similarly, entrepreneurs having projects worth AED 500,000 are eligible for a 5-year investor visa.

Retirement visa

This investor visa applies to individuals above 55 years. It gives a chance for people who wish to spend their retirement life in Dubai. The visa is valid for up to 5 years. The applicant should invest at least 2 million AED or have wealth worth 1 million AED or active income worth 20,000AED or above.

Documents required to avail of an investor visa in Dubai

While applying for an investor visa, it’s essential to submit several documents. The documents prove the eligibility to avail of an investor visa.

Some of the critical documents are,

Submit a valid passport. Also, provide a copy of it

A document that shows the proof of investment in a company or property – it can be a share certificate, real estate documents, or any other related proof.

MOA or Memorandum papers act as proof of ownership

Fill out the visa application form and submit it with the required documents.

Photograph in a white background

Dubai trade license copy

Typed application

Steps to apply for an Investor visa in Dubai

Consulting a business setup expert will reduce the workload in the application process. Flybiz company setup team offers quick visa processing services in Dubai.

To apply for a visa, follow the below steps,

Company registration with DED

Apply for the company’s establishment card

If you’re outside UAE, apply for an entry permit and undergo in-country visa change status

If you live in UAE, then undergo in-country visa change status

Perform medical test

Apply for Emirates ID

Get a health insurance coverage

Investor visa stamping in passport

What is the Visa cost and processing time?

The cost varies based on the investment method. Approximately, investing in properties costs around AED 13,000, investing in a company cost AED 1035, and finally, the cost of a golden visa ranges between AED 650 to 1150.

Other charges include,

Entry permit – 525 AED for people outside UAE, 1175 AED for individuals in UAE

Change of status – 675 AED (not essential for people entering from outside.

Visa stamp – 870 AED

Emirates ID – 500 AED

Medical test – 350 AED

The processing time is around 15 to 20 working days.

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