Travel agency in Dubai

How to start a travel agency in Dubai, UAE?

We love travelling and exploring new tourist destinations. Dubai is one among the top tourist destinations in the world. The city has recorded around 12 million international visitors in the year 2019. UAE government takes constant efforts to make Dubai as a premier tourist destination in the world. Since, Dubai is a dream tourist destination; it’s an ideal place to start a travel agency.

How to open a travel company in Dubai, UAE?

Since tourism is gaining popularity these days, it’s a rapidly growing business. The industry is expected to flourish more attracting investors in this field.

So, if you’re really passionate about starting a travel agency in Dubai, then read the below points,

From expatriates to residents, any entrepreneurs can start their travel services in Dubai. Since the country has a lot of investors, you get the right funds effortlessly. However, before starting a company, you have to consider few points that speed up your business journey.

What are the points to consider before opening a travel service in Dubai?

Initially, travel agency can work as a sole proprietorship or limited liability company. We need this distinction to ensure smooth registration and licensing.

If you register it as LLC, the requirements are stringent. On the other hand, while setting up a sole proprietorship travel company, you need to become a certified travel agent.

If you’re a foreign investor, consider the below given significant points,

  • Select the most appropriate business form to operate your travel agency
  • Establish your company in the mainland or any of the freezones
  • Foreign entrepreneurs need a local agent to register the company on their behalf
  • Ensure more attention while applying to the type of travel agency license
  • Understand the basic cost requirements
  • Get enough funds to setup your travel business in Dubai.

What are the steps to open a travel agency in Dubai?

  • Setup your business activity

Once you’ve decided to start a travel agency, it’s significant to decide the nature of your business activity. For example, you operate as a travel agent whether it’s inbound or outbound tour operator. Similarly, determine your business activity.

  • Find a company name

After deciding the business activity, you need a remarkable company name. Moreover, choose the travel agency name as per the naming conventions of UAE.

  • Get your license

While starting a new business in Dubai, you need a license from the concerned authority. To operate a travel business in Dubai, you need tourism license and it will be issued by the DED.

  • Employee Visa

After getting the license, it’s time to collect visa for the staffs. Here, investor should apply for the staff permits on the ministry of interior’s e-channel portal. Once you get the permit, employees can perform an in-country status change to obtain the permanent employment visa.

  • Bank account

Once you’ve done all the above formalities, it’s time to open a bank account in the country. Here, investor should open a corporate bank account and maintain a minimum balance to keep the account active. Entrepreneurs can get the support from a business setup company to simplify the account opening process

Which license you should choose for your travel business?

Since tourism is a growing business sector, you need a valid license to operate the travel and tourism establishment.

Therefore, you need a license to join the ever-growing sector,

  • Travel company license
  • Travel agency license
  • Inbound travel operator license
  • Outbound travel operator license

Moreover, the business owner has to deposit 10K Dirhams at the department of tourism and commerce marketing to obtain their travel license. Additionally, the applicant should get approval for the agency’s name after paying the initial approval fee. Furthermore, you need an insurance policy, location, and lease contract to start your travel agency office.

What are required documents to open your travel agency?

To open a travel company in Dubai, you have to submit the following documents to the Department of tourism and commerce along with the deposit.

The documents include,

  • Completed Application form
  • Manager and applicants passport copies
  • Experience certificate of manager – notarized copy
  • NOC from civil aviation authority
  • Copy of ID proof and family record – if UAE nationals
  • Good conduct certificate for manager and owner

Top reasons to start a travel agency in Dubai

  • Tourism contributes to the GDP of UAE

The tourism sector alone contributes about 10% of the UAE’s GDP. Therefore, the government has special attention towards the travel and tourism sector. They provide undivided attention and tourism keeps growing 3% every year.

  • Welcome people from various countries

The major reason for quick development is the fact that UAE welcomes people from all over the world. The country greets tourists from 200 countries every year.

  • Holiday destinations and stunning landmarks

From Jabel Ali to largest manmade island which is under construction, Dubai has a lot of eye-candy tourist destinations. People love to spend time in this beautiful places and relax at the best hotels.

  • Free from tax

The best part of UAE tourism is, it’s a tax-free country. Therefore, more tourists enjoy luxury and beauty without paying a dime in tax.

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