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Top business set up ideas for women in Dubai

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Women entrepreneurs are rising all over the world. Likewise, Dubai is a lucrative haven for women willing to start a new business. Women increase their entrepreneurial skills every day and support the GDP of the country.

Few people believe that since Dubai is an Arab nation, women are restricted to set up their businesses. But, the fact is Dubai allows women to start any businesses of their interests. Initially, identify your business plans, highlight the Unique selling point, and pick your business idea.

One of the first steps towards establishing a successful business in Dubai is understanding the process of company formation. This process involves various legal and administrative procedures, which can sometimes seem daunting. However, with the right guidance and the right business idea, women can navigate the intricacies of company formation in Dubai and set themselves on a path towards financial independence and success.

At Flybiz, we unleash the full potential of women entrepreneurs. For budding women entrepreneurs, have a look at the popular business opportunities in Dubai,

Top business setup ideas in the UAE

Women explore profitable business opportunities in the UAE. They convert their passion into financial independence. Being your boss gives flexibility and freedom to work on your terms. Before jumping into any venture, analyze your skill set and select a business that matches your interests.

Event planners or event management agency

If you’re an excellent organizer of family functions, an event planner is a great business idea. You need good planning and organizational skills to succeed as an event planner. Having a degree in event management is an additional eligibility but it’s not mandatory.

Your main customers include married couples, educational institutions, large corporations, non-governmental organizations, political candidates, religious organizations, and so on. Furthermore, connect with people who run events frequently. Use word-of-mouth publicity or social media channels to increase your brand in the city. All you need is good references to achieve big deals.

Catering business

Tiffin or catering is a popular business idea for women not only in Dubai but in any corner of the world. If you can cook healthy and tasty food, consider starting a tiffin or catering business in the city. A majority of people work in Dubai and they don’t find time to cook. Therefore, the tiffin service will benefit these people.

How to start? Take a simple step, create a WhatsApp group, and inform your friend or relatives about this initiative. Word-of-mouth publicity can enhance your catering business to the next level. If you serve healthy and delicious foods, people come back for more business. If you want to take it legally, consider Flybiz business setup consultants in Dubai.

On the other hand, if you feel catering is risky, cook and post videos on Instagram or Facebook. These days celebrity cooks are trending and once you get famous, get paid for collaborations with food brands.

Online tutoring or Home tutoring

Online or Home tutoring is a good business idea in Dubai. You can establish it as a career or business by hiring a few well-educated tutors. Most parents are working in Emirates like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, they find it hard to teach their kids. Therefore, parents rely on personalized learning through online or Home tutors. Online tutoring is a low-investment business idea accomplished within your comfort zone. Similarly, home tutoring is a zero-investment option based on the student’s convenience.

Henna application business

Henna is a traditional practice across Middle Eastern countries. The Dubai population consists of people from these nations, therefore applying henna is always in demand in the city. If you have the required skill, consider it as a feasible business in Dubai. To make it professional, you can choose a business structure like a sole establishment or LLC and translate the idea into reality. Flybiz company formation experts will guide you throughout the setup process.


Daycare is yet another profitable business idea in Dubai. Mostly, parents are working and they prefer trustworthy people to take care of their kids. It’s a great business idea if you have the patience and interest to work with children. The growing demand for daycare is a great opportunity for women entrepreneurs. If you could provide quality child care, it’s easy to start from the comfort of your home.

Baking business

Undoubtedly, baking is the most trending business idea for women entrepreneurs. If you have incredible baking skills, it’s your most profitable idea. To start simple, you can start a social media page and post cake-making videos to create a strong portfolio.

The Dubai population is highly interested in buying baked goods. Initially, you can set up a bakery selling freshly baked items. Secondly, you can plan a large-scale baking unit where you have to choose retailers to distribute the products.

Starting a bakery requires a few approvals from the UAE government. DED provides the initial approval to formulate the business, get NOC from the Food department, and obtain the required license. Flybiz consultants work efficiently to ensure hassle-free business setup. Share your ideas and think about the business, we set up the company for you.

Boutique store

Boutique is another great business idea where you can come up with innovative business ideas. Starting a boutique store is a trending apparel business for women entrepreneurs. Since Dubai is a commercial center, a boutique is a suitable niche to generate quick revenue.

Since Dubai is a fashion city. You have to source the trending and quality products. Knowing the trending clothing is beneficial to bring more customers. With a knack for fashion, you can be a successful boutique owner.

Women entrepreneurs – Join Flybiz to set up your dreams

At Flybiz, we understand the complexities of company formation in Dubai and are here to assist you every step of the way. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing the required guidance on the licensing process, helping you overcome any hurdles, and ensuring a smooth and efficient setup for your dream company. With our support, you can focus on what you do best – turning your entrepreneurial vision into reality.

We take pride in assisting women entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into reality. Every woman is capable of doing business with hard work and preparation. If you’re passionate about it, our professionals advise on the most suitable route to start your entrepreneurial journey.