Steps to register your products with Dubai Municipality

Steps to register your products with Dubai Municipality

Dubai is widely known for its trade and investment. Having a diversified economy, UAE offers a unique business environment for foreigners. The country offer best opportunities to manufacturers, import, export, or even distribute a large number of products.

Dubai Municipality is the most powerful regulating authority that maintains the standards for imported products and sold to customers or products manufactured in Dubai and re-exported from Emirates. This process checks the safety of products and removes any products that remain dangerous for customers.

If you to import products or manufacture goods and export, you need to register those products with Dubai municipality. The product registration in Dubai requires some paperwork and time required to verify the safety or security of the product.

Is product registration mandatory in UAE?

Product registration is compulsory for all imported products in the country. Businesses need this registration certificate obtained from concerned authority or emirates municipality for local trading and at the time of shipment.
The registration process ensures that the product has all the necessary information like ingredients and other facts on its label. This helps customers to get clear information on their purchased products.

The product registration process in Dubai focus on customer safety analyzing it’s ingredients report. The process checks the presence of any harmful substances to the human body. The registration process highlights any restricted or harmful ingredients for human use. Such products are rejected or you will have to make corrections during the process.

Who should apply for the product registration in Dubai?

Dubai municipality controls the products entering the Emirates market with a compulsory registration process.
There are different business sectors in Dubai and who should apply for this product registration?

Local manufacturers in Dubai
The local companies who manufacture cosmetics, food, or any other products within UAE should register their products with concerned municipality. The manufacturers should consult with the consumer product safety section to get their products registered. The company representatives ensure that their products receive proper certification before entering the market.

Foreign manufacturers
The foreign manufacturer should take necessary steps to get the product certified before the consignments are imported to Dubai. The importers are responsible to complete this product registration. In case of unregistered products, the shipments are cleared with a single warning.

What are the steps in product registration with Dubai municipality?

The product registration in Dubai municipality and other municipalities follow the same procedure. The businesses should register the products with municipality where they received the trade license.

The individuals or businesses that locally manufacture or import products are liable to have their products registered from the Dubai municipality. The registration is valid for five years and you can continue it after renewal,

Follow the below steps,

Setup the business

Initially, the companies based in UAE free zone or out of Dubai can process the product registration. The firms should have a valid trade license. The firm conducting appropriate business activity or local company can register its products with Dubai municipality.

Register with Dubai municipality

Once you setup the company, the next step is to register with the municipality. You have to submit the necessary information about the company such as contact details, trade license, email address, etc.

Documents required

In the next step, you have to apply for the label assessment and you have to submit a product sample as well. Once the label evaluation is completed, the municipality will issue a label assessment report along with the product description.

To proceed with product registration, you have to submit the following documents,

 Submit the Consumer product registration service application or CPRE and pay the charges
 They will assess whether the product follows Dubai municipality regulation and check for the documents uploaded.
 If they find any important remarks, it will be denied. Some of the comments include failed lab test, ingredient report not uploaded, banned ingredient, free sale certificate, product is not within the scope, etc.
 If there are minute remarks, the application will be sent back to fulfill missing requirements. Few minute remarks are lab test request, label requirements, clinical study, medical or unaccepted claims, additional documents or certificates, etc
 Once everything is complete, the municipality will register the product and you will obtain an automatically generated electronic registration certificate.
Note – if you don’t make the payment within 45 days of submission, then the system will automatically delete the CPRE application.
In third step, you have to submit the following documents,
 Ingredients report – stamped and signed by business owner
 Free sale certificate – attested by government authority
 Analysis report – stamped and signed by company owner
 GMP certificate or Good manufacturing practice (essential for health supplements and regionally manufactured products)
 Material safety data sheet – for air fresheners, detergents, & scented candles
 Halal certification for any certified Islamic society – especially for health supplements with animal-derived ingredients like stearic acid, gelatin, collagen, etc

Which items undergo product registration in Dubai?

• Cosmetics

Cosmetics include any pharmaceuticals, substances or any products that come in contact with different external parts of the human body. Therefore, it’s essential to register the cosmetic products in Dubai.

• Food products

Food product is a leading business sector, with Dubai being the port for GCC and North African traders. To manage such busy market, Dubai has efficient food control standards. The Dubai municipality checks for the safety and quality of imported or exported food items.

• Pharmaceutical products

Pharmaceutical products are registered to ensure compliance with the specifications and endorsed conditions. This registration avoids the rejection of shipments when it arriving at the local market or Dubai’s port.

Product registration in Dubai with Flybiz consultants

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