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Steps to Choose a strong trademark registration and avoid infringement in the UAE

	trademark infringement uae, trademark law in the uae, Trademark License Registration in UAE, trademark registration in uae, trademark registration united arab emirates, uae trademark registration process

Dubai is advancing with various business ideas. Most brands choose Dubai as their home office or branch of their existing company. When you have a bunch of brands, it’s difficult for consumers to choose your brand. Businesses undergo tough competition to build up their brands in the UAE. Trademark registration is significant to lead your brand in an economic landscape. Trademarks are crucial to build your brand recognition and credibility among customers. Having a robust trademark is an asset to a company working in the UAE.

What is a Trademark?

A trademark is a distinct symbol, name, word, signature, graphic, drawing, picture, graphical element, sign, group of signs, etc that distinguishes your products or services from your competitors. According to the UAE government, the trademarks are protected under the Federal Decree Law No-36 of 2021. As per the new law, the government has created a legal framework for registration, use, and protection. For trademark protection, make it extraordinary from existing trademarks in the UAE.

The steps to create a strong trademark in the UAE

To ensure trademark protection, choose a peculiar and unique trademark different from existing trademarks in the UAE. Having a robust trademark is essential to protect your brand and make it recognizable among customers. Furthermore, a strong trademark is not likely to be confused with other existing trademarks.

We have formulated a few tips to create a strong trademark in the UAE,

Original and distinctive

A trademark must be original, it shouldn’t reflect or resemble any existing trademarks in the country. The UAE government trademark law never allows the registration of identical trademarks. If the trademark is already registered, you cannot use the same trademark for your business. So, before registering make sure it’s distinctive and unique.

Memorable trademarks

A trademark must be expressive and remarkable. An expressive trademark explains the services or products offered by the company. Furthermore, making it memorable allow customers to remember your brand and recognize it from others. Therefore, choose a trademark that remains descriptive and remarkable.

Avoid Product descriptions

Always avoid using common descriptions for the product or service. A description can be a word or phrase offered by the company. These generic descriptions are not eligible for trademark registration because these terms are common and not unique enough. Thus, while choosing a trademark, avoid descriptive and generic terms.

Use international trademark protection

If you wish to expand your business globally, then consider international trademark protection. The country is a member of various international treaties and regulations related to trademarks. The treaties include the Madrid Protocol, the Gulf Cooperation Council or GCC trademark law, and the Paris Convention for the protection of industrial property. When you register a trademark in the UAE, it provides trademark protection within the country alone. On the other hand, if you register the trademark under an international treaty, it provides protection in multiple countries.

Hire Flybiz for quick trademark registration

Finding a solid trademark is a complex task for an entrepreneur. So, it’s advisable to seek the support of a professional trademark registration firm. At Flybiz, our experts help in selecting the trademark that meets all the legal requirements of the UAE government. We conduct the trademark search and ensure guidance on registration.

Steps to prevent trademark infringement in the UAE

Trademark infringement is a serious offense in the UAE. It results in legal consequences and demolishes the reputation of your firm. Both individuals and businesses should adhere to the guidelines and procedures to prevent trademark infringement. The trademarks are protected under intellectual property laws to avoid imitation, unauthorized use, or dilution of brand identity. UAE offers trademark protection through competent authorities.

Few steps to prevent trademark infringement

Conduct research

Before choosing a trademark, go through thorough research and confirm its availability. The government has a comprehensive trademark database accessible through the Ministry of Economy or related intellectual property authorities. The research helps you identify available trademarks and prevents conflict.

Consult professional trademark services

Get assistance from trademark experts or specialized agencies in UAE. Flybiz is a business setup team helping companies to decide their trademarks. We have expertise in trademark laws, local practices, and registration procedures. With perfect guidance and research, we assist you in the registration process. Thus, we reduce the risk of infringement.

Register trademark

To ensure maximum protection, register your trademark with the relevant authorities in the UAE. The Ministry of Economy is responsible for trademark registration. Submit the necessary documents including application, payment, and specification. The process involves review, publication, and opposition period for the third parties. Upon successful registration, you get the exclusive rights to use the trademark.

Use proper notice

To protect the trademark rights, use the trade symbol along with your brand name. The symbol “™” is used for representing unregistered trademarks, whereas the symbol “®” represents registered trademarks. While displaying these symbols, it’s easy to identify potential infringers and strengthens your ownership.

Monitor the market

Be vigilant always to protect your trademark. Monitor the market for any infringement or unauthorized use of a trademark. Always, keep an eye on similar trademarks, variations, or imitations that cause confusion among users. Use online tools, market surveillance services, and consult with professionals to identify the infringement promptly.

Legal action

In case of any trademark infringement, take necessary legal action. Consult Flybiz experts, we specialize in intellectual property law. Our professionals guide you through the legal process. The legal remedies are,


Issuing cease-and-desist letters

Filing a lawsuit to safeguard your rights.

Trademark audits

Trademark audits review and confirm the proper use of your trademark across different platforms. The audits identify infringement issues, monitor brand identity, and swift measures to protect trademarks. Ensure regular trademark audits and stay ahead of the infringement.

Trademark registration with Flybiz business setup consultants

Trademark infringement is a significant risk to companies operating in the UAE. Follow the above steps to create a strong trademark and take proactive steps to prevent trademark infringement.

If you’re looking to create a strong trademark, seek the Flybiz business setup team. We serve as the reputed trademark registration experts in the UAE. Our trademark professionals have in-depth knowledge of trademark laws. We guide you with expert advice and comprehensive services. With a proactive approach and attention to detail, we navigate your trademark infringement risks.

Get professional assistance for trademark registration and protect your valuable brand identities!

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