Guide for Startups in the UAE Mainland

From Idea to Business: A Step-by-Step Guide for Startups in the UAE Mainland

Guide for Startups in the UAE Mainland

Startups are generally founded by entrepreneurs. If you have skills and are able to take risks and put in hard work, you can turn your idea into a business.

Start-ups are often based on new ideas, technologies, or strategies aimed at solving a specific problem or filling an unmet need in the marketplace. New products, services, or business models are often introduced.

Whether you’re considering a mainland business setup in Dubai, company formation in Abu Dhabi, or establishing your presence in Ajman or Sharjah, this step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of turning your business idea into a successful reality in the UAE mainland.  You can approach a company formation consultant like Flybiz to establish your startup in the UAE Mainland.


Refine Your Business Idea

Business idea refinement is the primary and major step in startup formation. The UAE is the country where the latest technologies, innovations, and financial upliftment take place, which causes rapid growth. A mainland business setup in UAE requires proper business ideas, evaluation of concepts, market research, viability, and potential for success. The refinement of your business idea can be done through the following steps: Identification of passion and strengths; define a value proposition that should properly explain the benefit of the product or service.

Create a Solid Business Plan

A well-structured business plan is capable of proving your commitment, which in turn helps you to get investor support and secure loans. This dynamic document should be updated regularly as per feedback.

A well-designed business plan consists of an executive summary, business description, market analysis, product or service details, marketing and sales, funding request (if applicable), appendix, milestones and metrics, risk analysis, exit strategy (if applicable), review and edit, and executive summary. The creation of a fixed business plan is necessary for the success of your startup.

The UAE has a wide range of business activities, and it’s essential to select the one that aligns with your goals and suits the local regulations.

Legal Structure and Company Formation

UAE offers a favorable business environment with several free zones and mainland business options.


Free Zone Company

Mainland Company

Offshore Company


Establishment within a free zone.

Requirement of a local UAE native as a partner or sponsor.


Set up business in a designated offshore jurisdiction within the UAE.


Allows 100% foreign ownership

Depending on the business, foreign ownership can be in the range:

49% -100%

Allows 100% foreign ownership



Limited liability

Limited liability


 Limited liability


Tax exemptions for a specified period.

Subject to UAE corporate tax.


No personal income tax.


UAE Tax exemption


Fast setup


No import/export duties


Simplified customs procedures.

Allow business across the UAE.


Access to the local market


Suitable for holding assets


International trading


Estate planning.


Register Your Business

Depending on the legal structure and location registration involves the following steps;

  1. Business Activity Selection
  2. Choose a Company Name
  3. Select the Legal Structure
  4. Reserve a Trade Name
  5. Draft a Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  6. Apply for a Business License
  7. Rent Office Space
  8. Get Initial Approvals
  9. Secure Investor Visa
  10. Register for VAT and Other Taxes
  11. Open a Corporate Bank Account
  12. Comply with Regulations
  13. Annual Renewals

Financial Management

Financial set up has an important role in business set up in UAE. Effective financial management ensures success and sustainability. Budgeting and Financial Planning, Funding and Capital Structure, Banking and Accounts, Tax Planning, Cost Management, Revenue Generation, Cash Flow Management, Compliance and Regulatory Requirements, Financial Reporting, Risk Management, Seek Professional Guidance are the major steps you have to consider while starting a new venture at mainland company formation in Dubai, company setup in Abu Dhabi, business setup in Ajman, and business setup in Sharjah.

Seek Professional Guidance

Flybiz business setup consultants can help you in this stage of the business setup process. Seeking professional guidance while Startups in the UAE Mainland is highly recommended. It helps to navigate how to solve the complex regulatory process. Flybiz company formation consultants make it easy to handle the whole process of business setup in UAE.

Flybiz provides low-cost, perfectly packaged services for you by helping with documentation, visa application process, registration, opening bank account, getting the license, and starting a business.