Start your own car rental company in Dubai

Thinking of a new business in Dubai, the city gives you stunning business opportunities in all sectors. Dubai has a lot of tourist spots and it’s not easy to take up public transport every time. Whether it’s luxury or economy, we need a car to travel in UAE. Especially, in this city roads are a treat for our senses. The city of gold is also popular for its luxury cars and extravagance on its wheels. UAE has the more cars per capita compared to London and New York. Whether it’s your office trip, long trip, short trip, weekend fun, or any such drives, car is the most preferred means of transport in the UAE. 

Here comes the importance of Car rental companies in Dubai and UAE. When a large expat community looks for regular cars and much happier renting, then car rental makes a lot of sense in Dubai. If you’re wondering about starting a car rental business, then Dubai is the best place to launch your dream.  Additionally, people find it difficult to maintain cars due to rising fuel price, regular cleaning, expensive parking, insurance, and other such reasons. As per the Goldstein Market Intelligence, the UAE car rental and leasing market is expected to grow over in the 2017 to 2030 period.

If you feel car rental is a good business idea in Dubai, then go through the article for more details,

Steps to start your own Car Rental business in Dubai or UAE

Setting up a company is easy if you’re aware of the rules and regulations in the country. You have to collect the documents and take the right decisions to move ahead. To avoid time-consuming and money-consuming, you can approach Flybiz business setup firm in Dubai. Being expert advisors, we save your valuable time, money, and energy. Our continuous efforts make it easy to set up your dream company.

Starting a car rental company is quite easy and affordable. Follow the below steps,

Finalize your business location 

To start your car rental firm in Dubai, you need a commercial property that has enough space for your office and garage. It can be mainland or freezone. It would be better to consider a built-up location or a transport spot like airport or train station. If you prefer free zone, then consider opening a branch or use a distributor to deal with the local market.

  • Choose a range of appropriate fleet to lease (No tag to be given)

The choice of vehicles purely depends on the customers you target. For example – if you’re targeting tourists, then consider high-end luxury cars in your garage. Alternatively, if you wish to serve corporate professionals, then use affordable and standard cars. At certain times, you can keep mixed car types. So you have a car for all occasions meeting various budget of your clients. Whether its luxury car, economy car, or an SUV, keep up the fleet and take it as a responsibility. Singing up a service agreement with a maintenance firm is a great idea.

  • Outline your business activities in Car rental 

To receive your car rental license in Dubai, you should define the business activities under car rental services. Having a clear idea on your business activities will prevent you from unnecessary fines or consequences of non-compliance issues that may even lead to license cancellation. As per the DED, the car rental business works on car rent and passenger transport. You may refer the official list of DED for the business activities or consult our business setup consultants to know more.

  • Find a unique business name 

Getting approval for your business name is yet another task in the business setup. The name for your car rental company should abide all the naming conventions of UAE. You should not copy the names of any existing companies or names that contain any hurtful terms.

  • Apply for the car rental license with DED (No tag to be given)

To launch your car rental company in the mainland, you need a commercial license from DED. Here, you have to submit the online application with all the required details and attachments.

Car Rental Company in Dubai

Find the list of documents below,

    • Complete application form
    • Passport size photo – 2 nos
    • Valid residence visa or visit visa for partners
    • Preliminary approval from licensing authorities
    • Passport copies of partners
    • Emirates ID
    • NOC from sponsor, if the partner is a non-GCC citizen
    • Abide to the conditions related to the car rental business activity
    • Approval from government bodies for concerned business activites
    • Consent Letter from the Road Traffic Authority or RTA
  • Apply for the Visas

You can skip this step, if you have an existing UAE visa to work. On the other hand, if you don’t have any, then apply for one. Here, you can get professional assistance from visa service agents or Flybiz company formation experts in Dubai to get your visa at the earliest. If you bear a business license in UAE, then you can sponsor visa for others too. You can sponsor your parents, spouse, children or anybody for domestic help. The maximum number of visas depends on the size of your car rental firm.

How to popularize your car rental company in Dubai?

Grabbing attention of target audience is a difficult phase while establishing your new business in Dubai. So, once you complete the car rental company formation, put efforts on continuous marketing. Because Dubai has a lot of similar companies, marketing is the only option to stand out in the crowd. Fear not, Dubai has high demand for rental cars and people look up to companies that offer best deals. In the initial phase of your car rental business, consider providing introductory offers like free rides, free kilometer, etc

Join your car rental company setup expert in Dubai

At Flybiz, we strongly believe that ‘businesses need a good start for successful results’. We do the same providing expert assistance in the beginning. Dubai is a tourist destination with millions of people visiting every year. So, your car rental business is a sure shot to succeed provided if you avoid costly mistakes and continue on the right track.

Being an expert business setup company in Dubai, we guide you right from choosing the location to deciding the business activity and finally, receiving the license from concerned authority.

Flybiz is your one-stop shop for company formation solutions. Get started today! Contact us to know more!