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Go with the technology! Start an AI company in Dubai

AI Business Formation Dubai, AI Business License Dubai, AI Business Setup Company, AI Company Formation Consultants, AI Company Setup in Dubai

Artificial intelligence is inevitable in our daily lives. When browsing a video streaming service or social media platform, you get content based on an algorithm. The algorithm analyzes your viewing behavior and makes predictions. Most of these algorithms are based on Artificial intelligence. AI is a virtual assistant in making our work smarter such as self-driving vehicles.

AI is popular worldwide and UAE is no exception in adopting new technology. It resulted in the development of a supportive environment for AI business in the country. There are several AI start-ups across the country solving the problems of government and corporations. For example – the AI algorithm is applicable for a variety of purposes such as surveillance, quality control, trend spotting, and so on. AI language processing understands customer sentiments and identifies the right information. In UAE, AI plays a critical role in assisting factories in the Jebel Ali Free Zone. AI helps in identifying maintenance needs, spotting manufacturing defects, and even shortlisting interview candidates. Moreover, the application of AI extends beyond the confines of the free zone, making it a valuable asset for mainland business setup in UAE as well.

The AI technology is expected to impact the UAE economy around 230 billion by 2030. So, it’s the ideal time to start your artificial intelligence business in the UAE. Especially, Dubai offers a favorable environment for business owners with a fast and affordable company setup process. Flybiz is a leading business setup firm assisting AI entrepreneurs to start their businesses in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE.

What is Artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of intelligence in computers. AI learns from experience and allows machines to think like humans. AI is common in fields like robotics, natural language processing, computer vision, and machine learning. Today, AI is rapidly growing from self-driving cars to brilliant virtual assistants. AI revolutionizes the way we live, work, and even play. Additionally, it supports decision-making, gets insights into complicated problems, optimizes operations, and identifies the patterns in huge data sets. AI is not restricted to any industry, it’s common in healthcare, retail, finance, and other sectors as well.

What are the steps to set up an Artificial Intelligence or AI company in the UAE?

Business setup is easy but you need the right guidance for hassle-free company formation. Flybiz is your leading business setup partner, we guide you throughout the company formation process,

Understand the competition

Before launching your company, it’s mandatory to know the competition and competitors. Formulating a robust business plan is impossible without knowing the competitors. Therefore, analyze your competitors, what are their advantages, their defects, and where you can take advantage of them. At Flybiz, we assist in market research and help you create a solid business plan.

Finalize the jurisdiction

Choosing a jurisdiction is the next step in your business setup process. Do you want to choose the mainland or the free zone? Free zones have a separate governing body and the laws differ from mainland laws. Similarly, mainland companies have to follow the rules and regulations of the UAE government. To know the best jurisdiction, you must have knowledge of its pros and cons. Flybiz business setup experts help you in choosing the best economic zone based on your unique business requirements.

Decide a trade name

After choosing the jurisdiction, you have to select the trade name adhering to the naming conventions of the UAE.

A few naming conventions are,

Check if the name is available for registration

You shouldn’t use any offensive language or blasphemous words

The government accepts only full names, you shouldn’t use any abbreviations

Business License

After all the above steps, you have to apply for a business license. Submit the following documents to obtain your business license,

Visa copy

Emirates ID copy

Passport copy

Birth certificate – attested

Business plan summary

Company license copy

Flybiz business setup professionals assist you in arranging all these documents and simplify the whole process.

Visa application

To get your visa, submit the visa application to the concerned immigration department. If the company is set up in a Free zone, they handle the visa services as a part of business registration.

Medical test

As a final step in the visa application process, you have to submit the biometrics. Additionally, you have to undergo a medical test and fitness test.

Dubai free zones dedicated to AI company setup

Dubai Silicon Oasis or DSO authority has organized a program DTEC for artificial intelligence businesses. It offers event and meeting rooms, coworking space, an economical business license, and high-speed internet.

DTEC is a tech community where hundreds of startups, IT entrepreneurs, and SMEs flourish their businesses. The workspace provides a lot of benefits including all the amenities.

In5 is the initiative of TECOM-free zone villages. In5 offers mentoring, business opportunities, networking, education, a workspace for artistic people, education, and prototyping laboratories for AI entrepreneurs.

DMCC and Astrolabs teamed up to offer an entrepreneurship program for creative people. It’s renowned for tech incubation and corporate training. The entrepreneurship program offers complete assistance in the start-up basics like market analysis, pitching, customer validation, digital acquisition, and creating a strong team.

How UAE mainland support AI start-ups?

If you wish to start an AI company on the mainland, join the DFA or Dubai Future Accelerators program. The DFA gives a rare chance to receive access to the resources of Dubai’s government agencies.

The local government is a top investor in AI’s revolutionary potential. The DFA program allows AI companies to find new possibilities and excel in them. You can start an AI business catering to the needs of the government or private sector. Most AI scientists dream of such a working environment and ensure promising results in all projects.
UAE mainland offers a nurturing environment for AI startups, facilitating their growth and success. Through the mainland business setup in UAE, these startups gain access to a robust ecosystem of resources and support.

Start your AI company with Flybiz business setup consultants

Business setup in Dubai is an intimidating process. At Flybiz, we have assisted a lot of business owners in setting up their dream businesses in the UAE.

We provide valuable insight into AI businesses and how it supports the Dubai business ecosystem. Based on your business goals, we provide a detailed business plan and marketing strategy to meet customer demands.

UAE is an attractive place to set up your AI company. Most companies in the country serve clients globally and it’s turning into a hub for AI services. So, if you’re planning to launch an AI company, contact the Flybiz business setup team for a quick consultation.