How to setup business in Ajman mainland?

How to setup business in Ajman mainland?

Ajman is the smallest of all Emirates in UAE but offers great business opportunities. Ajman has a well-developed infrastructure providing various advantages to entrepreneurs. Moreover, sharing its borders with Umm Al Quwain and Sharjah, it has well-connected road transport. Ajman provides a conducive environment for business growth and establishment. It generates income from trade, fisheries, and agriculture. Moreover, it boasts the presence of robust industrial area, commercial activities, and constructions that facilitate economic growth. Today, entrepreneurs are rushing to setup their business in Ajman mainland.

Most business owners have this confusion, how to start a company? or what are the legal formalities? Etc. In this stage, Flybiz business setup consultants can guide you through out the company formation process. With detailed planning and decision-making, business setup firms’ help you avail the business license within a very short time.

Business setup process in Ajman Mainland

Ajman mainland business setup is well-known for its quick process. Additionally, if you get assistance from Flybiz business setup consultants, it’s even easier. Before company formation, we have to go through several paper works and legal formalities.

Have a look at the steps to start your company in Ajman mainland,

  • Application

Initially, you have to submit an application to the concerned authority. It can be done through the customer service center in the municipality.

  • Approval from special departments

Secondly, you should follow up with the Inspection unit of Ajman municipality. Based on the business activity, the applicant should get approval from various departments.

  • Approval for trade name

As a next step, you have to get approval for your trade name. Once you get the trade name approval, you have to register the business and obtain the membership certificate.

  • Submit approvals

Once you get everything approved, submit all the information and receipts obtained the Ministry of trade and enter into the register of companies in Ajman mainland.

  • Get your business license

After submitting the application to customer service center and paying the required fees, you will get your business license.

What are the documents required for business setup in Ajman mainland?

  • Passport copy of shareholders’
  • Leasing contract
  • Business location drawing
  • Trade name proof
  • Duly filled personal information sheet belonging to managers and shareholders.
How to setup business in Ajman mainland?

What are the different types of licenses available for business setup in Ajman mainland?

To start a company in Ajman, you need a business license. The license depends on your business activity. Each license has its own requirements.

The different types of business licenses include,

  • National industrial license

If you hold a national industrial license, your company is free from customs duty. But, you have to comply with few requirements to get this license.
You have to register the business with Gulf of Cooperation Council and own 51% shares of the company.
You have to do at least 40percent manufacturing in the free zone.

  • Trading license

If you wish to trade within Ajman, you need trade license. Trade license allows you to export, import, and re-export products or services in Ajman.

  • Industrial license

Industrial license allows you to import raw materials for manufacturing, processing, assembling, and packaging specified products. After finalizing the products, you can export it outside UAE. If you plan to sell the products within UAE, you need the support of a local distributor or local agent.

  • Professional or service license

Professional license allows you to do any services within UAE or free zone authority.

  • Ecommerce license

This license allows companies to start their ecommerce store in the GCC region. The ecommerce license facilitates online business entrepreneurs to establish their business in Ajman.

  • General maintenance license

To start a maintenance business in Ajman, you need a maintenance license. This allows individuals to perform regular maintenance or repairs on buildings to keep them in good condition.

What are the different legal entities in Ajman mainland?

The legal entities determine the structure of your business. The business structure depends on the number of shareholders and where they come from.

The business structures include,

  • Joint liability company

Joint liability companies can be started by two or more partners. All these partners must be from UAE.

  • Simple commanding company

This company structure allows two or more partners. All these partners must be from UAE and they should have at least 51% shares. The partners have to be liable within the limit of their shares in the capital.

  • Limited liability company

This structure allows 2 or more partners but not more than 50. The partner doesn’t have to be liable other than shares. The capital can’t be less than DHS 150,000.

  • Service agents

The service agent must be an Ajman national. The license owner should meet all the liabilities.

What are the advantages of business setup in Ajman mainland?

Ajman mainland offers a lot of advantages to the business owners. Some of the benefits include,

  • Low rental for offices and commercial spaces
  • LLC license cost is reasonable than other Emirates
  • Ajman provides easy lease options to manufacturing units
  • Quick access to international airports and ports
  • Ideal location for manufacturing industries as raw materials are easily available
  • Several taxation benefits
  • Modern and exceptional infrastructure
  • Free from export and import duties
  • Strategic location
  • Low living cost compared to other Emirates
  • Reasonable cost for business setup

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