How to start a yoga studio in Dubai

Staying healthy both physically and mentally promotes a good lifestyle in UAE. In recent days, Yoga is gaining popularity among UAE residents. Yoga combines both physical and mental exercise working towards a holistic transformation and well-being of UAE residents. Since, it’s an easily available sport for people of all ages. So, the country has a growing demand for good health and holistic exercise. If you’re the right provider, then offer the best yoga studio with unique ideas. Now, if you want a yoga studio business setup in Dubai, then consult Flybiz professionals to guide you throughout the process.

Let’s discuss how to start a yoga studio business formation in Dubai, UAE

Why do you need a yoga studio in Dubai?

As you know, Dubai is a real hotbed for any fitness related business. Why is it so?
  • Indians occupy a majority of Dubai’s total population. They serve as the major participants of yoga and practice it as a spiritual exercise.
  • Most foreigners consider yoga positions to improve their mental and physical health.
  • Today, yoga is increasingly common among people of different nationalities.
  • The UAE government offers great importance in promoting a healthy lifestyle through different campaigns. Yoga studios receive extensive support and incentives to operate such health services in Dubai.

So, it’s extremely profitable to start a yoga studio and here, you have to approach the best business setup consultants in Dubai.

How to Open a Yoga Studio in Dubai, UAE?

Yoga studio business setup in Dubai – Steps to start

Setting up a yoga studio is quite rewarding in this busy life schedule. By leveraging the expertise of a popular business Setup Company in Dubai, follow a straightforward process in setting up the yoga studio. The business setup steps include,

Finalize the legal structure

Initially, you have to decide the legal structure of the yoga studio. The investors can establish it under a partnership or proprietorship. However, LLC is the best category to start your yoga studio. It’s the common business unit providing a wider scope and allows you to establish more studios in other cities.

Find the best location

After deciding on the business structure, you must find an appropriate location for the yoga center. For this, you can approach business setup consultants; they do some research and find the apt place with high demand for yoga studios. For example – you can consider some residential areas with fewer competitors or you can consider Dubai mainland.


After finalizing the legal structure and location, you have to gather the necessary approvals from various departments. Before starting a yoga studio in Dubai, you need approvals from two major departments. The Yoga and sports welfare department is the first place to get approval since yoga is classified as a sport.

Alternatively, you have to get approval from the ministry of public health since it’s related to the health and wellness of the general public. To simplify the whole process, you can approach popular business setup services in Dubai. They collect these approvals and make it hassle-free for the entrepreneurs. The company formation process takes around 2 to 3 weeks.

Collect the documents

After getting the approvals, you have to collect it and gather other necessary documents too. The documents include passports, experience certificates or recognition letters, visa copies, and other relevant documents.

Hiring a business setup company will help you in collecting these documents and make it easy to get your yoga studio license in Dubai.

New bank account

After getting all the approvals and collecting all the documents, you must open a bank account for transactions. While starting your licensed business, make sure your customers can make easy payments.

Here, having a corporate bank account ensure seamless transaction and allow you to keep records of them. It may take about 4 weeks to open a corporate bank account in Dubai.

Few things to consider before yoga studio business formation in Dubai

Before starting a yoga studio in Dubai, you have to consider the following points,
  • Best location
Location is a critical factor that can change your business in Dubai. Since yoga has gained popularity these days, there are few places where yoga studios have higher demand. On the other hand, there are areas populated with the same business. So, it’s crucial to find a spot with high demand and less competition.
  • Best services
No matter how grand you launch the studio, you can only keep it going by providing the best services to your customers. To achieve this, you need professionals and experts in Yoga. Always give your customers special otherwise your clients will abandon the studio and search for others.
  • Collect information
Make sure you comply with all the rules and regulations in Dubai before opening the yoga studio. If you break any rules it results in hefty fines or even the closing of your company. Here, you can approach business setup consultants to organize the company formation process with accuracy.

Cost of Yoga studio business setup services in Dubai

It’s quite easy to start your yoga studio in Dubai with minimum investment. Most yoga professionals believe that yoga is best done in an open environment. In certain cases, customers need AC rooms or comfortable spaces to start their yoga studio.

The cost of setting up a yoga studio can cost you around AED 25,000 including the yoga studio license cost. The cost doesn’t include a 5% VAT tax and a 2.5% market fee.

Connect with Flybiz business setup consultants in Dubai

Setting up a yoga studio can reap significant profits in Dubai. Hope you’re well aware of the yoga studio business setup process. With the help of business set up professionals, you establish one of your own within a few weeks.

Flybiz is a dedicated business setup company in Dubai with highly-experienced professionals. They help you establish a yoga studio with great effort and minimum investment. Being an efficient team, they guide you throughout the setup process with a proper business plan. Moreover, they help you collect all the essential documents and get approvals from concerned departments. On the whole, the yoga studio business setup services in Dubai take around 6 to 8 weeks.

Approach Flybiz to speed up the whole process and set up your yoga studio within a very short time. Ready to start your yoga studio in Dubai, share your requirements, and feel free to contact us!