How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai, UAE

The population of the United Arab Emirates is 9.83 million. Out of these, some 9.73 million active internet users are also on social media. At 99%, the rate of internet penetration in the United Arab Emirates is the highest in the world. According to statistics, the average user spends about 7 hours and 3 minutes on the internet, with 2 hours and 57 minutes on social media. The United Arab Emirates alone accounts for nearly half of the $23.43 billion spend on digital advertising in the entire Middle East-North Africa region.

A massive 8.1 million users in the United Arab Emirates are on Facebook. Approximately 3.8 million users in the United Arab Emirates can be found on Instagram, and 3.3 million on Twitter. It is interesting to note that these users access their preferred social media platforms every day. Because 78% of social media users find inspiration for their purchases on these platforms, around 45% of the digital media ad spend is on social media advertising. Opening a digital marketing agency in Dubai thus makes a lot of sense.

How to Open a Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai, UAE

You can set up your digital marketing agency in a dedicated free zone or on the mainland, which is the area of the United Arab Emirates that is not part of a free zone. Free zones offer a slew of tax advantages, including exemption from the 9% corporate tax that is applicable to companies on the mainland. Companies located in free zones are also exempt from 5% Value Added Tax if they do business with other companies in the same free zone or a different free zone – there are 45 free zones in the UAE.

However, you will be more accessible to your clients on the mainland. If you choose to be located on the mainland in Dubai, you have to select a suitable office for your digital marketing company. A business setup consultant can help you with this aspect.

How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai, UAE?

How to Register a Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai, UAE

  1. Choose a name for your company, albeit one that will be approved.
  2. Draw up the company formation documents, allocating shares to each owner.
  3. Get the company formation documents notarized by a Notary Public.
  4. Decide on a physical location for your event management company.
  5. Enter into a Tenancy Agreement with the owner of the premises.
  6. Register the Tenancy Agreement so that it becomes a Tenancy Contract.
  7. Apply for company registration and a business license
  8. Receive a payment voucher outlining the necessary fees to be paid.
  9. Make the payment, get company registration & business license.

A good business consultant can be of assistance with the entire process, including informing you of the rules pertaining to company nomenclature in the United Arab Emirates. He/She will also help you draw up the company formation documents and get them duly notarized so that they have legal validity in the United Arab Emirates. In a free zone, the Tenancy Agreement / Tenancy Contract is replaced by a Lease Agreement, and your business setup consultant can be counted on for everything during company registration.

He/She will also help you open a corporate bank account so that you can make and receive payments. Owing to strict anti-money laundering regulations in the United Arab Emirates, opening a bank account is not easy – but the right consultant makes it happen.

Why Choose FlyBiz for Opening a Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai, UAE?

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