How to get ISO certification in UAE?

How to get ISO certification in UAE?

How to Get ISO Certifications in Dubai?

In UAE, ISO standards are widely used across various industry sectors like healthcare, manufacturing, energy, IT organizations, and more. The benefits of implementing ISO certifications will help you in terms of employee productivity, cost reductions, technology adoption, and more. The various ISO standards in an organization effectively optimize your business operation and improve the international quality standards in frequent business operations.

What is ISO certification in Dubai, UAE?

ISO certification is the quality process that ensures your organization strictly adheres to the ISO standard guidelines. This certification helps companies to standardize their business operations and deliver quality services or products. Moreover, it streamlines the business process and reduces the operational costs. Above all, the ISO certification achieves business profitability by standardizing the key operations. The International organization for Standardization or ISO was established earlier in the year 1947 in Switzerland. The organization governs the certification standards and standardizes the quality of services or products. The ISO issues specific guidelines and manual across various industry sectors.

How to apply for ISO certification in UAE?

ISO certification is preferred by most of the companies in UAE. The companies consider ISO certification to maintain their product or service quality consistently. Moreover, it’s globally accepted and improves customer satisfaction.
To get your ISO certification, you have to go through various stages. However, ISO consultant like Flybiz can help you go through the certification process effortlessly.

The certification process starts with,

STEP 1 – Gap analysis

Initially, understand the scenario of ISO standards by analyzing each clause. Then analyze the system whether it has any defects or shortcomings. In this stage, you can get help from our ISO consultants in UAE.

STEP 2 – Implementation

In this stage, you have to prepare the records, documents, and policies. With the help of auditors, perform internal auditing and management review to understand practical realties and gaps. If you find any improper records, then correct it to confirm error-free implementation.

STEP 3 – Certification

Fill up the application form provided by the certification body. As a next step, invite auditors from the ISO certification body for audit and certification. Finally, your management system is ISO certified.

What are the popular ISO certifications in UAE?

ISO 14001 certification

ISO 14001 denotes the healthy environment. To get this certification, you have to implement environmental management system that allows positive interaction of your business activities with the environment.

ISO 9001 certification

To get this ISO 9001 certification, you have to implement international practices and establish a quality management system in the organization. This ISO certification ensures high-quality of your products and services.

ISO 45001 certification

To get ISO 45001 certification, you need a safe workplace. This certification implements effective occupational health and safety management in the organization ensuring the wellbeing of your workers.

ISO 22000 certification

This certification is extremely important for businesses in food sector because it certifies the quality and safety of prepared food. Any organization in food supply chain should hold this certification in Dubai. Moreover, it can be used by manufacturers, producers, distributors, storage facilities, retailers, or even restaurant owners to ensure food safety.

ISO 37001 certification

This certification denotes the Anti-bribery management system published by ISO to curb the illegal practices of bribery. The ISO standard formulates a monitoring system to address bribery and fighting against it. Bribery can be destructive both internally as well as externally. Therefore, with ISO 37001 certification Dubai can mitigate the bribe related risks.

ISO 22301 certification

This certification denotes the social security of BCMS or business continuity management system. ISO 22301 allows smooth and efficient running of your business operations. Any immediate risk, natural calamity, or any other factors may interrupt the continuity of your business. Having this certification, will help you anticipate the risk and cover all aspects of business continuity.

ISO 21001 certification

This certification facilitates the educational sector. With ISO 21001, the educational organization management system will effectively satisfy the need of learners and ensure conformity.

ISO 17025 certification

This certification allows global recognition standard for testing and calibration laboratories. ISO 17025 is the most important certification required for all types of laboratories, research centers, and universities. The certification claims the technical competency and technical requirements that enable a calibration or testing laboratory. ISO 17025 certification will help to showcase that your procedures are regulated by standard protocols and enhance the prominence of your organization.

ISO 27001 certification

In today’s digital world, securing your data has become more important. Any data breach or loss can create a huge impact on your privacy and security. With ISO 27001certification, the organizations can implement the best security management system and prevent data misuse.

How ISO certifications help your business in Dubai?

• Increase your business productivity
• Improve your business performance
• Improve the effect of core processes
• Valid ISO certifications improve the quality of your services and products
• Analyze the risk and take necessary actions
• Find new business opportunities
• Reduce the errors and risk
• More satisfied customers

Why should you choose Flybiz for ISO certification in Dubai, UAE?

Flybiz provides ISO certification in UAE for all major standards and industry sectors. Being an expert ISO consultant in UAE, we are specialized in providing specific ISO standards. Flybiz is a certified team maintaining high quality standards in our operations, client relationship, and project delivery. We act as a single-window solution for ISO certification in Dubai.

The reasons to choose us
• We work to certify all types of organization regardless of their size, type, and processes.
• When you choose us, you get the certifications directly without the help of a middleman.
• While taking up a project, we focus on every client with utmost importance.
• We utilize the right resources to certify the organizations.
• We treat our clients equally.

Our ISO consultants will transform your business into globally recognized brand providing high-quality services or products. We ensure reasonable certification solution and grow your business value world-wide.

Connect with our expert team to know more about ISO certification in UAE.

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