How to get import or export permit in UAE

How to Apply for Consumer Products Import and Re-export Permit in UAE?

UAE positions itself as an International trade hub between Europe and Asia. Having a well thought out location and multinational demographics, UAE works as a prominent trade destination in the world. Moreover, the location is complemented by growing network airlines connecting both local and international carriers flying from its logistics centers. The geographical position and world-class infrastructure has made UAE as an import/export hub of the Middle East. 

Since UAE works as an effective trade destination, the business owners have to follow certain rules and regulations implemented from time to time for the import and export of consumer products.

How to get your import and export permit in Dubai?

If you wish to start a trade business in Dubai, you have to collect the import/export license from the concerned authority.

Initially, register in the customs office Dubai. The office provides a wide range of e-services that allows you to manage import/export of goods. Mirsal 2 is the declaration and clearing system of customs office. Registering your company with customs office is a simple and straightforward task. Most consumer products that have been exported or imported pass through the customs office. However, there are few products prohibited to import or export based on the authority’s decision. Here, business setup consultants in Dubai can help you in the registration process and ensure time-bound results.

Export license in Dubai

Export means trading good or commodity from one country to another, typically its trade. To start an export business, you need an approved license by the ministry. Export license helps you trade within the free trade zones in UAE or some other country. However, you don’t have to pay any customs duty, if you export goods to the free trade zones of UAE. Even though free zone is a part of UAE, it doesn’t work under the customs territory.

Import license in Dubai

Import license allows you to get products into UAE from other countries or free zones by fulfilling the legal necessities in terms of documents, licensing, and permissions as well. The license permits you as an importer having a trade license issued from the UAE license authority.

How to get your CPIP or consumer product import and re-export permit in the country?

The CPIP allows you to get an import permit from the municipality to release the product consignments for the local market, re-export through UAE ports or in case of any non-commercial use. They check for the health and safety standards of the products as well as the requirements prior to the entry of Dubai emirates.

Apply for the CPIP

It’s a recently launched service in UAE allowing customers to request for import. Here, the importer files an application for the new consignment. During the process, consignee fills the details including all the items in the consignment. They do it direct through the system or with the help of an excel sheet. When the particular consignment arrives at the airport and after getting cleared from customs, the consignee provides a bill along with the drafted application, submit it, and pay for the application. The back-end officers review the import request and share a notification that your consignment is under inspection.

Follow the below steps to apply for CPIP,

  • Apply for the required service
  • Upload the necessary documents
  • Pay the due fees
  • Visit the health & safety department at the port, after submitting your application to inspect the consignment and get the release permit.

Documents required for CPIP

Along with the application, you have to submit the following documents to receive the approval without any hassle.

The documents include,

  • Customs declaration
  • Bill of lading
  • Purchase invoice
  • Packing list
  • Trade license from concerned authority
  • Salary certificate as per European standards
  • Valid test reports from accredited lab
  • Other documents based on the nature of consignment

What are the terms and conditions required for the approval of CPIP?

  • The involved companies should have valid general trading license with activities related to import of consumer products.
  • The products for local market must be registered in the Montaji system before applying for the import service.
  • The products for re-export or non-commercial use must be listed in Montaji system prior to the service.
  • Airfreight consignment is always a consignment with 1 container
  • If the product is not registered, the consignment will be rejected and you have to re-export the same.
  • A physical inspection is essential at the port to ensure its safety and health standards.
  • The consignments will reach company warehouse, if it’s not accessible at the port of entry.
  • The imported consignments required to re-export must be done within 6 months from the date of release.

The above terms and conditions cover the following products,

  • Cosmetics
  • Personal care
  • Fragrances
  • Biocides
  • Health supplements
  • Detergents
  • Toys
  • Food contact materials

When should you apply for the CPIP permit in UAE?

You have to close the import permit within three months from the date of release for consignments. The re-export permit requests must be closed within 6 months from the date of release. The company will be blacklisted if you couldn’t close the import/re-export requests within the specific time, also a fine amount will be imposed on the company.

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