How to get customs code for import export license in Dubai?

Import or Export Company is a lucrative business option in Dubai or UAE. Trade in Dubai is the most attractive business activity for foreign entrepreneurs and investors. Dubai boasts a leading transport infrastructure where goods can be imported easily to local market or exported to neighboring countries. The robust economic development makes import or export business easier to operate and ensure huge profit with low taxes.

Being the world’s important logistics hub, UAE is an excellent place to launch your import-export trade. Additionally, UAE has the world’s most advanced customs procedure making trade highly efficient for any firm.

Any businesses willing to take part in import or export of goods in Dubai need a customs clearance code from Dubai Customs and relevant license for the Free zone companies. Getting a customs code is a straightforward process and it makes your trade friendly with the Emirates.

Read below, how to apply for the import/export customs code to operate your business. It’s a simple process but to avoid any delay or errors, it’s essential to consider company formation experts in Dubai.

Apply for your customs code in Dubai, UAE

What is a customs client code?

If you want to export or import goods, you need a Dubai customs client code. This particular code gives you approval for exporting or importing goods to and from Dubai. To operate your trade business, you should register with the Dubai Customs. Once you complete the application, get the approval and customs client code from the concerned department. Now, you can use this code on paperwork when exporting or importing goods to the Emirates.

Initially, the applicants must hold a valid trading license to meet the requirements for customs clearance code. Every company will get their unique custom code and it remains valid until your business license expires. As per the law, Dubai customs code must be renewed after every 12 months.

The process to apply for export/import code is summarized as follows,

  • Complete an online application on the Dubai Customs’ trade portal website
  • Pay the required fees to get your customs code
  • Review the application
  • Get approval for the application
  • Allocate the customs code

Working with expert business setup companies will make it easier. Flybiz ensures that your paperwork is up-to-date and you have the eligibility to proceed with the application. So, you can overcome any delays down the line.

Why do you need a customs code for your import/export business?

Getting a Dubai client custom code brings many benefit to your business including

  • Freedom to export or import legally
  • Efficient and quick customs clearance process
  • Free from legal risk or government fines

It’s mandatory to have a customs client code to start your import or export. If you don’t have a valid code, it’s illegal to start your import / export. Based on your business and its location, you must apply for the code from the particular emirate’s customs authority. If it’s registered in Dubai, you must get the code from Dubai Customs.

If you’re an individual and willing to bring your goods, you don’t need a customs code. Instead, if you’re a business planning to import or export goods, then you need a valid customs code.

How to Apply for Import Export Customs Code?

Besides getting a valid customs code, make sure that the products comply with national laws,

Few illegal products include,

  • Illegal narcotics
  • Pirated content
  • Gambling machines
  • Counterfeit currency
  • Artworks or publications that contradict Islamic teachings

Apart from the above, there are various restrictions on importing food, medicines, weaponry, and vehicles.

Steps to get a customs code for import or export in Dubai

UAE is recognized for its most efficient customs procedures in the world. It’s a smooth and straightforward process to get your customs code. Moreover, it takes a couple of working days to complete the whole process.

Follow the below steps,

  • Apply first

Go to the website, complete the application form. As a part of application, you will have to submit the following documents
Trade license copy
Passport copy
Phone number
AED 525 as application fee

  • Register on Dubai trade portal

After the initial registration, they will send you a confirmation mail where you can confirm the account with username and password. Within the portal, click on the Mirsal 2 link and choose new business registration link.
Here, update the following details,

      • Business details
      • Details on warehouse and other facilities
      • Separate profile for users
      • Submit various documents
      • Fill up the Mirsal information
      • Complete the registration process


  • Get your customs code

After the registration process, you have to wait for the customs code generation. The process takes more than a couple of working days, after receiving the same, you can import or export goods. Make sure to include customs code on any paperwork.

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