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The Growing demand for quality healthcare – Physiotherapy clinic setup in Dubai

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Dubai is well-known for its distinct healthcare facilities. Healthcare institutions use advanced technologies for various treatments. So, people across the world visit Dubai to meet their healthcare needs. When it comes to investment, Dubai offers the most promising solutions in healthcare. The healthcare market is expected to grow every year because people search for quality healthcare solutions. The UAE healthcare is a mix of private and public sectors.

Healthcare is not restricted to hospitals. Dubai offers various types of healthcare facilities like Ambulatory centers, professional development training, healthcare investment management, medical publishing, private clinics, non-profit healthcare organizations, and healthcare consultancy. Physiotherapy falls under the private clinic category. Setting up a physiotherapy clinic is quite challenging in Dubai, it requires a lot of complex approvals from various government departments. It might be confusing for beginners in business. Here, Flybiz business setup consultants can help you in the planning and setup of physiotherapy clinics in the UAE.

Requirements to register your physiotherapy clinic in Dubai

Before planning to set up a clinic in Dubai, you should be aware of the important conditions. The health sector is highly monitored in Dubai, you need separate licenses and approvals from various government organizations. Furthermore, you have to keep up with the DHA’s protocols and standards. It allows only trained professionals to apply for the license and start a healthcare sector worldwide.

Individual requirements

If you’re an individual investor, you must have a valid medical degree or be certified by an international medical organization or UAE healthcare authority, they analyze the skills and review the qualification.

You can select a director for your business who meet the client’s requirements. He/She need not hold a medical degree or similar qualification. But, they should be able to operate the clinic with enough expertise.

Space requirements

As far as the space requirements, you have to comply with the space requirements for creating medical offices, clinics, and hospitals. It’s essential to follow the rules of authorities while defining the rooms, waiting halls, service areas, equipment, and specification for lighting, protection, and other regulations.

Steps to start a physiotherapy clinic or hospital in Dubai

Select the business type

UAE provides different business types, it can be a sole proprietorship, LLC, or branch of an existing company. So, choose the suitable business type to start a physiotherapy clinic or hospital.

Find a good trade name

Finding a trade name is the most important step for an investor to obtain a license. You must fill out the application and submit it to the DED Dubai for the trade name reservation. While naming, be cautious to follow the naming conventions.

Initial Approval

Once you have received the trade name, an investor should file one more application with DED to get initial approval from the DED. After submitting the necessary documents with a passport copy, you get the initial approval from DED. Furthermore, get approval from the Dubai municipality for the clinic layout plan.

Approval from DHA

As a next step, get approval from the DHA or Department of Healthcare Authority. Since DHA is the main authority that controls healthcare services in Dubai, the approval is mandatory. The initial approval takes around ten days.

Submit documents

In this stage, you have to submit all the documents for license and clinic registration.

Final approval from DED

After submitting all the legal documents along with the photocopy of the initial approval, and registration fee, you get the final approval from DED.

Also, you have to attach the following documents,

NOC from the owner to assign a medical director

Final trade license from FZA or DED

List of healthcare professionals and medical director

Valid building contract

License from DHA

Finally, create an account in the DHA portal to obtain the DHA license. The owner should submit all the details of professionals working in the clinic.

DHA authority will verify the document and issue the business license to start your physiotherapy clinic or hospital.

Documents required to set up a physiotherapy clinic in Dubai

Trade name reservation proof

Initial approval from DED

Passport copies of manager and shareholder

Resume copy of the manager

Personal information documents of shareholders and manager

Lease agreement proof

MOA notarized

Power of attorney to appoint a business advisor

AOA ( Article of Association) from the UAE Embassy

Medical facility address

Physiotherapy clinic set up in Dubai – 5 Steps

We have come across the challenging part in the clinic setup, new initiatives come with risks and responsibilities. However, with years of experience, you build a robust business plan and progress your clinic in Dubai.

What are the core steps to launch your physiotherapy clinic in Dubai?

Target your niches

Straight to the market will never progress your business, you need precise research before starting a clinic. Ask a few questions to yourself, who are the patients? Type of physiotherapy, why should they choose your clinic? What is the scope of the competition?

Type of physiotherapy

Choose which type of physiotherapy you prefer to offer in your clinic. It can be a gym model where patients use the equipment regularly or manual therapy, osteopathy, etc.


Location is a concern while starting your clinic. It should be a good place and easily accessible to local people. Moreover, your patients should enjoy comfortable treatment.

Treatment device

The quality device helps you build a successful physiotherapy clinic. Invest in quality devices that last for years. Also, make your clinic unique with chosen equipment. Some of the solutions are combination therapy, shortwave diathermy, etc.

Kickstart your physiotherapy

Gaining new patients should be your core task. Combine the above steps to get a clear picture of practice and formulate your concepts. Develop a few strategies to attract patients and keep them coming back.

Setup your Physiotherapy clinic with Flybiz business setup company

We have a team of highly-qualified experts to set up your physiotherapy clinic in Dubai. We have been helping healthcare experts to start their businesses in the UAE. We take care of the paperwork and approvals within a few days. Partnering with us achieves approvals swiftly and ensures less chance of rejection.

To start a physiotherapy clinic in Dubai, call us for more information. Our business setup consultants will guide you throughout the process!

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