Start your own pharmacy company in Dubai

Start your own pharmacy company in Dubai

Dubai has been an ultimate choice for all types of business in the past decade. The Emirates keeps on attracting investors and other entrepreneurs around the world from various industries. Apart from tourism related industries, Dubai has seen a potential riseget-your-pharmacy in the healthcare industry. Therefore, the country is welcoming expat investors to start their pharmacy business in Dubai and UAE.

Since the population is steadily increasing these days, Dubai has high demand for drug stores and pharmacies. People are in need of a decent pharmacy to buy medical supplies and other prescribed drugs. Therefore, pharmacy business is rapidly expanding their footprint in Dubai and UAE. Meanwhile, we get a lot of direct foreign investment into this industry. So, if you plan to start a pharmacy business in Dubai, consult the best business setup company to speed up the company setup process.

How to start your pharmacy company in Dubai?

When you start a health ministry, it comes under the authority of the Ministry of health regulations. The ministry issues pharmacy license and controls prescription medication pads for pharmacies. To get your license, the pharmacy owners should apply for the authorization letter from the ministry of health and regulations. The health authority supports investors providing them a complete regulatory system to run their pharmacies and other health facilities in UAE.

What is a pharmacy license and why do you need it?

Pharmacy license is an official permit obtained from the Dubai Health regulation that allows individual, government, partnership, or LLC to set up their pharmacy business legally in Dubai.

Being a business owner, you must be capable of understanding the healthcare industry. DHA is responsible for the pharmaceutical standards, healthcare policies, regulations, and issue licenses for the companies operating in the healthcare sector.

The healthcare industry is strictly regulated in UAE. Therefore, any individual or organization willing to operate their pharmacy must obtain prior license and permits complying with the rules and regulations of DHA. Moreover, you need a valid license to operate your pharmacy or drug store in the region.

After getting license, the pharmacy owner should maintain the health standards mentioned by the government agencies and other authorities. Failing to do so, they may cancel your pharmacy license.

How to Start a Pharmacy in UAE?

Steps to get your pharmacy license in Dubai

  • Collect and submit the documents

Initially, you have to collect all the required documents when applying for the license.

  • Initial Approval

Now, register the pharmacy business for initial approval. To get the initial approval, you have to submit all the documents to the Ministry of Health regulation and prevention. Then, you have to get approval from the Dubai municipality for the pharmacy setup premises. Finally, you have to submit all the documents to the HRD and they issue the initial approval letter.

  • Final approval

After getting initial approval, you have to apply for the final approval from DHA and HRD or Health regulation Department. The final approval stage undergoes several processes of its own before granting the license. Furthermore, the drug control department officials will conduct an on-site assessment of the pharmacy and its facilities. If the requirements are met, the officials will issue the license within twenty-two days.

Although we have a streamlined business setup process, sometimes, it may be confusing to figure out the correct procedures. Here, you can get assistance from the business setup firms and they handle the complicated process on your behalf.

What are the documents required to obtain your pharmacy license?

Prepare the following documents,

  • Application form
  • Preliminary approval along with pharmacy premises tenancy contract
  • Location blue print with trained architectural planning
  • Passport copy, pharmaceutical license and location map
  • Employee list and other certificates related to pharmacy business

To start a company selling pharmaceutical products in UAE, you need license from the Dubai Health authority. The investor should secure some permits before beginning the operations.

How to register your pharmacy in Dubai, UAE?

You can follow the below company types,

  • Register as LLC company

LLC is the most common company structure chosen by investors. LLC registration is a straightforward process and you can get assistance from Flybiz business setup consultants in Dubai. They help you get the approvals and registration in a hassle-free way.

  • Register as Sole-establishment

Sole establishment is another company structure to register your pharmacy license. However, the initial investment and capital requirements seems ideal in a LLC company structure.

What are the activities allowed under pharmacy license in Dubai?

As per the 1993 Federal law No.4, the pharmacy license allows you to start manufacturing, buy or sell pharmaceutical products in UAE.

The license is valid for private stores registered under UAE company laws.

The license allows you to sell medical supplies to retail customers in residential areas, single housing areas, and complexes.

What are the things to consider before starting your pharmacy business in Dubai?

  • Supplier relationship

Supplier relationship is the key to succeed your pharmacy business. It’s because, you have to update the medicine stocks and turn around existing inventory to deliver latest medicines to the patients. Being a company, you can associate with laboratories, large suppliers, and health centers to gain distributor contracts.

  • Good customers

Customers and location are the crucial factors that maintain your pharmacy. Finding an ideal location close to the residential areas, health clinics, easily accessible location with parking facilities gain more customers. You can offer delivery services or combo offers to drive sales.

  • Market competition

The pharmacy sector is highly combined with small and big players. Dubai has seen a intense competition in the healthcare sector. Therefore, investors must be aware of the product offerings.

Getting this knowledge will allow you to market more aggressively and take significant advantage in the market.

Why choose Flybiz business Setup Company?

Being a potential business setup firm in Dubai, UAE, Flybiz is a good choice to establish your pharmacy company. Since, UAE offers unique opportunities to operate your pharmacy with numerous advantages. Pharmacy is always a profitable business; however, you have to satisfy the requirements mentioned by the DHA or Dubai Healthcare Authorities.

Since, the process is quite complex, you can approach Flybiz for quick licensing and company registration. We save your time and effort to make it a successful business venture. Start your pharmacy business with us!