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Complete guide to starting an investment company in Dubai

Investment Agency in Dubai, Investment Company in Dubai, Investment Consultants in Dubai, Investment Firms in Dubai, Investment Services in Dubai

In the past decades, UAE’s economy has grown at a faster rate and Dubai emerges as the world’s innovative business hub. The unmatched development, business diversity, prospects, and highly-beneficial tax system. The amenities turn Dubai into a commercial space for international and local businesses.

Dubai stands tall for its amazing business environment, location, and investor-friendly policies. Dubai is a magnet attracting entrepreneurs from around the world. The country is popular for its fintech hub. The UAE has a booming financial industry even after the pandemic. The Emirates continues to fasten technological advancements and create a robust financial ecosystem.

Adhering to the latest fintech trends, the city thrives to become a leading fintech hub. The UAE reinforces the growth of financial industry through exceptional collaboration, innovation, and thereby strengthening the ecosystem for financial start-ups.

Dubai provides a favorable scenario to start an investment company. The ambitious fintech and continuous innovation give space to your investment company. It’s a suitable business era for investors to launch their tech-driven future in Dubai.

How to start an investment company in the UAE?

Flybiz excels the top-tier business setup in Dubai firm supporting overseas and local investors to establish their investment company in Dubai or any other Emirates. With our guidance, business owners can launch the firm easily and reap the perks from it.

Initially, you should know the basic steps to start an investment company in the UAE.

Finalize the jurisdiction

The country has a lot of free zones and mainland Emirates that offer finance and investment license. The jurisdictions are unique in their rules and regulations. So, you have to choose the right one for your business. At Flybiz, we help you choose the most suitable jurisdiction fulfilling your business requirements.

Register the company

After choosing the jurisdiction, the next step is to register the company with the concerned authorities. The process starts by filing the application form, presenting the proof of residency and identity. Also, you have to pay a registration fee as well. It’s hard to accomplish all these processes by yourself. So, our Flybiz professionals can help you in completing all the processes with great responsibility and within the fastest possible time.

Get your license

After the company registration, as a next step, you have to get the license from the concerned authority. Based on the selected jurisdiction, you have to follow the licensing process. Ultimately, the licensing process involves an application form, financial solvency proof, and meeting a few other requirements.

Adhere to the regulations

Once you get the license, finally you have to comply with all the laws and regulations. Basically, you have to pay taxes, keep accurate records, and file annual reports.

Few additional tips to get started with an investment company in Dubai,

Hire Flybiz experts to kick off your company formation process. We have years of expertise in finance and investment law. Therefore, it’s easy to go through complex legal frameworks and prevent any mistakes.

Market research is the first step before starting the company formation process. Join our experts in market research to analyze the business scenario, competitors, and other factors.

Starting an investment company requires much time and money. Additionally, it’s a costly process. So, you should find time to invest in the necessary resources.

Starting an investment company can be troublesome for entrepreneurs but with the guidance of Flybiz experts, you can start operating the business.

What are the major requirements to obtain a license for your investment company?

To get an investment license in the UAE, you need the following requirements,

AED 1 million minimum share capital
Get a trade license from concerned authority
Comply with laws and regulations
Choose a UAE national as your company director.

The process of obtaining investment business license is complex. Flybiz business setup experts ensure that you satisfy all the requirements and start the business without nay delay.

Choosing the best free zone for your investment company

To start an investment company in Dubai, you have to choose the most appropriate free zone. The ADGM and DIFC are the popular free zones offering various advantages to the investment and financial business sectors.

DIFC or Dubai international financial center

DIFC is a world-recognized global hub renowned for its infrastructure, regulatory framework, and legal system. The free zone offers several financial services including private equity, asset management, wealth management, and more. DIFC is an investor-friendly environment, attracting the top financial investors and professionals across the globe.

ADGM or Abu Dhabi Global Market

The ADGM is yet another free zone providing a favorable environment for financial sectors and investment companies. The free zone specialize in various activities like asset servicing, fund management, fintech, and financial advisory. The free zone is popular for its regulatory transparency, innovative approach, and huge network of worldwide investors.

UAE is a renowned destination for finance and investment businesses. With stable econmy and skilled workforce, numerous investors reach UAE to start their investment company.

What are the documents required to start an investment company in the DIFC and ADGM?

To start an investment company in the above listed free zones, you have to share the following documents,

Filled application form
Your detailed business plan
Financial standing proof
Passport copy of director and shareholder
Board resolution
Address proof of directors and shareholders
Compliance documents
Documents based on the regulatory requirements

What makes UAE as your destination for investment company?

UAE is recognized for its compelling reasons such as,

Imperative location situated at the crossroads of Asia, Europe, and Afric. It serves as a gateway to several vast consumer markets.

Highly stable and diversified economy with focus on entrepreneurship and innovation.

Pro-business environment with easy regulatory framework, investor-friendly policies, and minimal bureaucracy.

Dubai offers the most modern infrastructure, exceptional communication network, and logistics network.

Presence of free zones like ADGM and DIFC that support the streamlined operation of investment companies.

How Flybiz helps in the setup of investment company?

Flybiz is a leading business setup firm serving entrepreneurs to launch their business in the UAE. We specialize in Company Formation in Dubai. With in-house expertise of the local business setup market, we ensure comprehensive support in setting up your investment firm in Dubai.

An investment company offers a bundle of growth opportunities for entrepreneurs. At FLybiz, we assist you throughout the process from choosing the jurisdiction to final company formation. Enjoy the immense benefits of a dynamic business landscape ! Consult Flybiz to start your investment company now!