Automobile pet grooming services in Dubai

As we become increasingly busy these days, consumers are looking different ways to simplify their lives. Moreover, they wish everything done with very less time. Pet lovers always prefer good care for their pets. In Dubai, there are more people with different pets than ever before. Majority of the pet owners don’t have enough time to pamper and clean their furry friends. So, pet grooming business in Dubai has seen a huge demand in the past years. To make it easier, people approach automobile pet grooming services in Dubai.

Such mobile pet grooming services provide an excellent opportunity to improve the appearance and well-being of your pets. The services include cleaning the eyes, trimming hands and nails, bath using shampoo, checking their teeth, and other similar services. Few saloons work for specific pet animals, while others offer varied services for broad range of animals. Automobile pet grooming offers both convenience and individual attention for each pet animal.

Steps to start your automobile pet grooming services in Dubai, UAE

Before embarking on your automobile pet grooming agency in UAE, you should first reach our Flybiz business setup consultants. Our consultants help you throughout the company formation process.

Register your company name

Initially, we help you choose the company name. Before naming, we have to comply with few naming conventions prepared by the UAE government. For example – you cannot include any offensive words in your company; also the name shouldn’t have any similarities to existing institutions or businesses.

Ultimately, your name must be unique and available to register in Dubai, UAE. It’s a good idea to put forward few options and find the best choice. Once, we’re done with the name, we complete the trade name registration on your behalf.

Automobile Pet Grooming Business Setup in Dubai

Identify the location

Once you have decided the name, it’s time to decide the locations where you have to operate your automobile pet grooming. You can do some research by identifying the residential areas that have maximum pets. Additionally, you can approach vets and collect their clientele. Make sure your primary target audience is high-end households with enough income to spend on their pets.

Once you’ve established your presence, they consider you for repeated services. Expand your business and find more opportunities in other cities too.

Get your license

With the above decisions, we help you apply for the automobile pet grooming business license in Dubai. Fill in the application form as per the jurisdiction and apply to the relevant authority.

You have to submit an overview of the company, business plan, shareholder details, and other relevant information. Get approvals from the related authorities like DED and RTA approval.

Submit all the documents and pay the fees to finally receive your business license.

Complete the visa process

Apart from the pet grooming license, you need visa to live and work in UAE. Visa application requires your involvement, you have to undergo medical and fitness test.

We uide you through the four steps of visa application process including entry permit, medical test, status adjustment, and Emirates ID registration. We ensure quick and straightforward visa application.

Additionally, UAE residency visa allows you to sponsor dependants. The dependants include your spouse, children, domestic staff, and parents.

Open your UAE bank account

Finally, open a corporate bank account to start your business and its transactions. Here, we connect you with popular UAE banks and find the apt banking service.

Why should you start an automobile pet grooming company in Dubai?

Demand is the most important reason to start your own pet grooming services in Dubai. More than 15% of Dubai’s population owns either a dog or cat. It has been a significant increase and even after the pandemic, it continues to rise.
  • Fast-growing market

Dubai is renowned for its standard lifestyle and high aesthetics; this obviously stretches to pussies and pooches. Apart from the rising demand, there are many general reasons including 0% income tax and corporate tax. Additionally, Dubai offers an affordable company setup process with minimum barriers to market.

  • Meeting post-pandemic need

Today, most pet owners are returning to physical office post-pandemic. Therefore, they have less time to care their pets. By running an automobile pet grooming business, you get potential support from such customers.

  • Happy work space

You’re not bound to a specific space; you travel and make a very satisfying career. Furthermore if you love pets, it’s easy making them happy and healthy.

Documents to start an automobile pet grooming company in UAE

If you like to open a mobile pet grooming business, then provide the following documents to business consultant partner,

  • Completed application form that includes business idea, shareholder information, skills, and qualifications
  • Articles of incorporation, whether it’s a partnership or limited liability company
  • Passport copies of employees and shareholders
  • Visa copies of employees and shareholders
  • Address proof in UAE
  • Bank account details

Automobile pet grooming license cost in Dubai, UAE

The cost depends on your business model, number of shareholders, location, and structure. However, you can expect anywhere between 10K to 12K AED to get your final approvals and license.

At flybiz, we provide more precise quote based on your business model and specific circumstances. Business license is just a small fee in the business setup process, additionally, you have to include

  • Deposit on business premises
  • Investing in various equipments
  • Money for marketing campaigns
  • Energy costs
  • Staff salary
  • Initial training

Work with Flybiz business setup consultants in Dubai, UAE

Flybiz is a leading business setup company in Dubai, UAE. We have plenty of experience in helping entrepreneurs by understanding their business needs. Just like a good partner, we guide you throughout the application process.

Being experts in company formation, we offer free consultation to decide your economic activity. Moreover, we help you decide the most appropriate legal structure, register your trade name, and more related services. Additionally, we get approvals from relevant authorities and achieve the required visas.

We have proven experience in automobile pet grooming business setup in Dubai. Our dedicated team helps you achieve fast and reliable company setup.

Leave the hassle of registering your automobile pet grooming in Dubai and focus on your business! Reach us to know more!