How to Start a Business in Dubai?


The strategic location and favorable tax regime of Dubai have transformed the land into the best place to start a business. Dubai, with its world-class infrastructure, and robust economy, provides the investors with the best opportunity to establish and nourish their business. Anyone who wants to Start a Business in Dubai can experience a cosmopolitan lifestyle, political stability, and access to a diverse, skilled workforce. 

Reputed as a global business hub with a favorable economic environment, Dubai welcomes foreign nationals to start business. 

Steps to Start a Business in Dubai

If you are planning to start a business in Dubai, you should have a Business License in Dubai. Besides, you should follow the below-given steps.

Identify Your Business Activity

Before you proceed with licensing or location search, identify the right business activity for you. This will help you plan your business more effectively.

Select the Jurisdiction

Any investor, starting a business in Dubai, can start a business in Mainland, Free Zone, or Offshore. 


 Starting a business in the mainland helps you to trade directly within the local market and outside the UAE without restrictions.

Free Zones

 You can enjoy tax exemptions and full ownership of your business in Free Zones. However, direct trade with the local market is restricted without a local distributor.


 It is the perfect mode for investors who want to operate internationally. Physical presence in the UAE is not essential.

Decide the Structure of the Business 

Dubai permits you to follow any of the below given common structures: 

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Free Zone Company
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Branch Office
Register Business Name

Identify a unique business name following the naming standards of Dubai and get it approved by the Department of Economic Development (DED) or the relevant Free Zone Authority.

Initial Approval

Apply to DED or Free Zone Authority and get the approval for starting a business in Dubai.

Draft a Memorandum of Association (MOA)

Analyse your business structure and draft and notarize the MOA for your LLC or equivalent legal document for other structures.  

Business Location Hunt

A physical office space is the local identity of the office. Find out one that meets your business requirements. In Free Zones, you can choose from flexi-desks to full-fledged offices.

Get Licenses

You will need many licenses such as commercial licenses, industrial licenses, professional licenses etc. based on your jurisdiction and business activity. 

Visa Process

Apply for residency visas for yourself and your employees after getting licenses. 

Corporate Bank Account

A corporate bank account is essential for your business. 

Regulatory Compliance 

Make sure that you comply with Dubai’s regulatory requirements.

Advantages of Choosing a Business Setup Consultant?

Do you find it a time-consuming and complex process to start a business in Dubai? You don’t have to do all the licensing and regulatory tasks in person. In a multi-faceted business world, Dubai offers the support of expert business setup consultants for guidance and support throughout each step. 

They will help you in:

  • Market Research and Feasibility Studies to find out whether your business idea has the potential to succeed. 
  • Legal and Regulatory Guidance to comply with laws and set up business in mainland, Free Zone or Offshore. 
  • Documentation and Licensing assistance for preparing and submitting applications and preparing documents. 
  • Location and Office Setup support helps to identify the best office and negotiate lease agreements. 
  • Banking and Financial Services offered by the team make it easier to open corporate bank accounts. You can also get financial and auditing assistance.
  • We offer PRO services, visa applications, and employee onboarding support. 

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