How to get your freelance visa in Dubai? Requirements & application process

Freelancing is a secure job prominently after the huge pandemic COVID-19. Freelancers enjoy working in their comfort zone like setting the hours and working from any corner of the world. The pandemic taught us the efficiency of remote work and even now, people continue working remotely without lacking its quality. In Dubai, freelancing is easy with supportive rules and regulations. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are ranked as the best place to live and work as freelancers. Moreover, the UAE government has introduced freelance visas for foreigners and freelance permits for residents.

According to the MoHRE or Ministry of Human resources and Emiratization, the new freelance permit allows people of any skill to apply for this visa in Dubai. After receiving the permit from concerned authorities, freelancers can work from any location in the country or anywhere in the world.

As per the 2023 freelance visa in Dubai, UAE has announced that not only UAE nationals but residents and non-residents are also eligible to apply for the freelance license. The freelancers are further allowed to apply for the 5-year green visa.

If you’re a resident – you can obtain the freelance permit on your parent’s or spouse’s visa. Even full-time professionals can become freelancers by obtaining a permit. You need a NOC or no objection certificate from your employer or sponsor.

If you’re a non-resident – You have to apply for a freelancer visa. It’s given as a residence permit where the individual is allowed to live and work as a freelancer. However, you have to apply for a resident visa as well.

What is Dubai Talent Pass?

The DAFZA or Dubai airport free zone authority and GDRFA or General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs have launched the Dubai Talent Pass program. It’s a three-year visa program or freelance license to attract global talent. The Dubai talent pass is aimed at the following sectors including marketing, media, art, technology, education, and culture, and ultimately to improve the freelance workforce.

Procedure to obtain the freelance license in Dubai
To start your freelance work in Dubai, you should choose the appropriate free zone and apply for the license.
The applicant should submit the following documents,

a) Updated resume

b) Photograph

c) Visa copy and passport

d) Reference letter from the bank

e) NOC from UAE sponsor

f) Academic qualifications proof from the ministry of affairs or UAE consulate

g) Work sample or portfolio

Initially, fill up the application form along with the passport and visa. You have to apply with a reference letter, business plan, and valid passport copy. If your application is accepted, you get a confirmation letter from the concerned free zone authority.
Now, sign the confirmation letter and re-submit with the above-mentioned documents to receive the final approval. It’s time to prepare for the payments. Make sure to pay the freelance license fee, the first installment of office space or rent, visa sponsorship fee, and other charges.

After signing the Freezone sponsorship agreement, obtain the freelance permit accompanied by the freelance visa.
Upon clearance and certifications, freelancers get all the business amenities and Flexi-desks in the free zone. Finally, freelancers are ready to start their businesses in Dubai legally.

The freelance license in Dubai – cost in 2023

The freelance permit costs around AED 7,500 for both issuing and renewal. You have to renew it annually.

a) The establishment card costs around AED 2,000 for issuing and renewal. You have to renew it annually.

b) Employment visa is a 3-year valid visa that costs AED 2750 whereas 5-year visa costs AED 5000. It’s essential to renew every 3 or 5 years respectively.

c) If you’re located outside the UAE and willing to apply for a 3-year visa, it cost around AED 3330 for normal charges and AED 3900 for express charges.

d) Similarly, if you apply for a residence visa staying within the country, then it costs AED 4960 for normal charges and AED 6340 for express charges.

Approximately, the annual expense will be around AED 11,525. The visa cost doesn’t include health insurance but includes medical tests, visa stamping, and Emirates ID.

Why should you get a freelance license in Dubai?

a) Easy to apply
You can apply for your freelance permit to any of the free zones or directly to the DED. The application process is simple and usually obtained within 5 to 7 days.

b) Different work opportunities
A freelance license is issued to almost all DED activities. But, if you’re obtaining a freelance permit from any free zone, you must choose the business activities related to it.

c) Free from office space
Freelance is the freedom to work from any location. So, you don’t need to rent an office space. You can opt to work from home or rent a desk or use any facilities in the selected free zones.

d) No local sponsor
Freelancing is gaining popularity because you don’t need a NOC or no objection certificate from the local sponsor. NOC is mandatory in most government departments and it’s usually obtained from local sponsors, agencies, or institutes. In freelance licenses, the certificate is not required in most free zones. It applies to both new arrivals and long-term residents in the UAE.

e) Sponsor dependents
Freelance is not a steady job but you can have your family in the country. A freelance visa in Dubai allows you to sponsor your dependents. After getting the visa and meeting the salary requirements, you’re eligible to sponsor your family members.

f) Free from bookkeeping
Paperwork is always time-consuming in business. In Dubai, freelancers are not required to submit their official accounts for auditing. Here, freelancers build successful work opportunities with a single license.

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